circular needle woes

I bought a pair of circular needles and didn't look at the size and they are tooo large for the pattern i'm using (i'm making a hat and they are 29") is there any way to compensate for the size when knitting the pattern and still use it? or for that matter, is there any way to just knit the pattern without the circular needles? i once skimmed over something that gave a brief description on how to do so, but i cannot remember. any help would be appreciated, and remember, i'm a new guy to knitting that came from crocheting. haha

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You can use the magic loop method, do a google seach on magic loop for tutorials.



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Actually, I don't think a 29" long needle is long enough for magic loop. I've tried it and a longer needle works better. It also depends on how flexible the cable is on the needle. A 29" needle would have to have an extremely flexible cable like a Knit Picks Option needle. I use a 32" needle for casting on via magic loop.

If the hat is made by casting on the bottom of the hat first, one could always pull out part of the cable midway through the number of cast on stitches and thereby creating a "shorter" needle. I've done that many times. In fact the last hat I knitted I knitted on a 29" circular using that technique.

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I use Magic Loop a lot for circular knitting of hats, socks and sleeves. A 29" cable on your needle is really too going to be too short to use that method. You won't have enough cable to do it with and it will wind up frustrating you. Better to get the right length needle.

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I don't really like circular needles for hats much myself...I used Double pointed needles. But if you do want to use circular needles, 16 inch ones are good for hats.


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There isn't much use for short needles like that. You would have been better off getting something a reasonable length, such as 36 or 40 inches at least. Then you can do everything with them, including fingers of gloves. All you really need is one longer length of circs in every size in your kit, and then there is no problem finding the "right length" of needles.

If you have the shorter needles already, then you will need TWO sets of them -- and can we ever have too many needles? Well, maybe.

Since you already have these mid-range 29" needles, you can still use the modified Magic Loop -- it works in a pinch. It's awkward -- better to have the longer needles. Exchange them for longer ones, perhaps?

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as with what everyone says about the magic loops method...a great video I found was on this site...You can always youtube it too...there are a few good videos out there to explain

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Books, knitting, cats...Life is Good. ---- You can also twist the loop when you pull it through (as in TomH's response) so the stitches next to the gap aren't stessed so much but, as he pointed out, it still makes it a hassle. Two circulars, like for circular socks, makes it easier. Or, just invest in a good pair of longer double points. Lots of options to pick from, that's what makes this fun.

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