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Hope everyone listen to this week's "The Belle of the Ball" knitting/Music Podcast by Shrill.
This weeks, Shrrill and I recommended socks knitting books coming 2009. As I say two famous socks designer having publiching the books this year...."Sock Innovation" by Cookie A.(Blog: and Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson(Blog: It will be great year for socks knitter! Also talking about the new 2009 Raverly Knit-along, yarn and knitting pattern!


>"The Belle of the Ball"

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Since last 2008 year, I been reviewing and playing great and wonderful Knitting music from independent artist..In this episode, I picked a best top 10 knitting music, played by last 2008.

1st : “Photograph & Memories” by Jason Reeves
2nd : “Wish” by Kevin Steinman
3 : “Far Away” by Syd
4 : “Hang Around” by Matt Jones
5 : “About to Break” by Andrew Ryan
6 : “We the Living” by London Rain
7: “Endless Summer” by Zach Hurd
8: “Over My Head” Christopher Dallman
9: “Until You” by Dave Barnes
10: “Moving on Friday” by Jeff Caylor


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