I've been working on scarves!  I referenced one that I was working on in a previous blog entry.  I finished that one on Tuesday and it looks so cool:


I really like this yarn, Paton's Voodoo.  It has a nice balding effect.  You can see my nice even stitches while retaining the fluffy-ness of a novelty yarn.   The scarf is a tube over 5.5 feet long, 28 stitches per round.  It took me a little over a week and 7 balls of yarn to knit.  This is my nicest project to date! 


I noticed a trend in ladies' fashion; they're accessorizing with scarves a lot now, and I thought a nice long narrow scarf would be be a great summer accessory - I love the irony of wearing a scarf in summer.  This knit up in just a day, as it's little more than a ribbon of my Moda Dea Wild!, six stitches wide and over 7.5 feet long. 

The Summer Scarf

I considered taking a photo of myself modeling it, to demonstrate how I envision it being worn, but it is way too femme, even for me.  I know just the right girl to model this for me and will post a better photo when I get a chance.



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A busy man!  The scarves look really nice.  The detail pic really shows off your knitting quality; great job!