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I have made the decision to jump straight into seamless knitting as soon as I've finished the jumper I'm currently knitting.  All Simon's explanations notwithstanding, I still can't figure out the method from the arm gusset upwards.  Can anyone on MWK recommend to me books and on-line assistance?  In addition, I'm looking for patterns, especially for a baby jersey in-the-round; I find it psychologically kinder to knit something small before attempting a full-size garment in this completely foreign method.

Also, for those of you who've already successfully knitted in this fashion, can you advise me on the length of the needles for both the arms and the body?  And, do you start the sleeves with DPN's and then switch to circ's or do you use a very short circ?

I've read E Zimmermann's "Knitting Without Tears" but I need very simple explanations with lots of photos!  Any and all assistance will be appreciated.


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Hi Kiwi!

Not exactly sure if it is the type of help you are looing for... but has an online video on working the gusset of a sock.  It's under the 'advanced techniques" tab.  Also try a search of their site with your keyword they have a forum that it will search.

Other than that if one of these gents can't help there is a Yahoo forum called "KnittingNovices".  Join the group and ask the question.  Beware, they generate a lot of posts.


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I recommend the Ann Norling pattern for baby sweaters... it's a top down ragland sleeve pattern for both cardigan and regular sweater/jumper. Bill

Elizabeth Zimmerman explains this in one of her books. I've lent my copy to friend and can't remember the title.

Practicing on baby size is very smart though I think. 

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Hi Jesse,

Elizabeth Zimmeman explains the technique in "Knitting Without Tears". Can scan it if would like it. However, I have done several projects knitting the garment to the armgussets with circs and then dividing the sts into front and back. My grandmother kinitted all her projects in this manner some 50 years ago but on dpns!! She added three extra sts at the arm holes to make the sewing in of the sleeves a little easier, I don't do this but pass the tip on. I then work each side separately, working back and forth as 'normal', finishing the neck and shoulders as usual. The sleeves I start on dns and then move to circs as the sleeve grows in size. Just a couple of tiny problems I found doing the body of the sweater in one piece are: stocking sts is boring as all hell  and the garment tends to twist to one side although that is corrected when it is blocked. Hope this is of some use to you.

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Jesse, in the book you've already ordered, I looked and you start the sleeve ribbing on DPNs.  Once you've done your increases to begin the sleeve proper, you can switch to a short circ if you have enough stitches to go around, or continue with DPNs.  Also, you must have both sleeves done before joining them to the body.  The author recommends that if you can't leave the first sleeve on its needle(s) because you need them for the other sleeve to slip the stitches onto anything you have from which they can be worked, like old plastic needles you no longer use.  She further states that putting them on a stitch holder or scrap of yarn adds an unnecessary step during the joining round.

Unfortunately, there is no pattern for a baby jersey in the book, but because of how this method works, you can easily knit up the basic sweater in a baby size.  There is a pattern in the book for infant vests.

Have fun!  -Warren