Cadet Hats from Knitty

Some asked that I post pictures of my recently completed projects.  My niece's sweater/shrug set is in the mail to her and I have no pictures of it, but I do have pictures of the two hats I've made. 

That's me in the pics BTW.

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They are brilliant - will be sure to have a look at the site too.  Well done, they look great on you

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Thanks Chunk. 

Brent Troth  Clearwater, Florida

Brent Troth  Raleigh, NC

The hats look great. Which one of those pictures are you going to use for your signature here?!!! 

Knit away, knit away

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Great job!!!  I am anxious to start one now.



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I especially like the dark hat (4th photo). 

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The hats are really nice; different than what I have seen before.  I think I like these the best; great job!


These are great!  Not to get personal do you keep your bill stiff? (just sounds so wrong)


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The bills are kept stiff by using a piece of plastic canvas that is cut to shape.  The pattern for them at the knitty website has a template to use for cutting the plastic canvas. 

Brent Troth  Clearwater, Florida

Brent Troth  Raleigh, NC