Size 8 project

I am going to be flying soon and can't bring my recent project with me since they are on metal needles.
It seems the safest thing to do is to bring bamboo circular needles.
I have one set of size 8 wooden circulars, but I don't have a project to do with them.
I have enough scarfs and hats.
any other ideas? Can I do mittens for my daughter? Thick wool socks?

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My first pair of socks were with size 8 DPNS! And they are nice and toasty in the winter time, so I vote for socks!

stch's picture

Slippers might be another good travel project for the size 8 needles.

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I'm knitting cabled knee socks on #7 and #8 needles.
...think kilt socks or hiking socks...

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How about knit your daughter a nice spring/summer stole "Clapotiis" by Kate Gilbert? It's required size #8 needle so it's worst weight yarn. It is FREE pattern from the

Knitty, Fall 2004.

Too hard for you? hope you like the pattern!


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If you are worried about the metal needles, you could switch to plastic. I don't think you will have trouble with the metal ones. I have taken double pointed metal needles and never had a problem with security. I have no ideas for a small project on bamboo. I just started using bamboo and am doing a sweater on size 8.