Against better judgement!

So, I thought for Steves birthday I would make him a something really special. I was gonna knit him a cuddly little monkey to help him sleep while im on a night shift. So I did a practice run and it worked fine. I found some really nice yarn, Sirday wow. It feels just like velvet and is really nice, looks nice, feels nice so decided to buy 4 balls. Then I started to use it and all I can say is I wish I never bought it. Its really difficult to knit with, it gets stuck on the needles, the stitches are really hard to work and the fibres keep falling out.

I saw that Jeff had used something that looks similar to make those fantastic phone caddies and scarves and thought I would give it a go, but I think Im gonna give up on this yarn after only working six or seven rows. Im a bit disappointed cos it does feel really nice, just really difficult to work with. Does anyone have any tips on working with it?? Would love some feedback Smile


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I totally understand what you are going through..... I have dealt with a great many guys who have felt good, but are difficult to handle.  And you are right......... Give up on it!


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Knitting is suppose to be fun and if the yarn you are using is taking away from the fun-ditch it. Buy something you enjoy using. Does the monkey pattern call for a specific brand of yarn? Or is it your own pattern?

I recently made a hat from yarn that looked and felt great but was a complete pain to knit.  I was so relieved to be finished with it!  Maybe your problem yarn could be turned into a simple garter stitch scarf or something using larger, rounded needles.  Find something friendlier to make the cuddly little monkey with.