New/Old Project Started

Well, until two days ago I had nothing on the needles.  Scandal!  Nothing on the needles!  You've got to be joking!  So, I started thinking.  I've got a grand nephew coming in August and a sister who asked me to make an afghan for her months ago and which I had started having knit two strips in a leafy lace pattern that I found in an old knitting pattern book.

I have time and know that I'm going to knit up a teddy bear from a Debbie Bliss book that I have which won't take me long.  So, for now, I've decided to get back to sis' afghan, but I'm just not liking the way the lace strips are looking.  Not happy with them at all.  So, I decided to scrap those and rethink her whole afghan.  She wants sagey greens was all she said and I have a light an dark one already purchased.  Ye Olde Red Heart cause she's very allergic to all animal fibers it seems.

 So, I thunk and thunk and thunk and came up with a mosaic afghan that I saw in a knitting magazine from a couple of years ago and I've started.  It knits up in a big square of four smaller squares.  Dark Green pattern on Light Green background and visa versa.  I know she'll love this and I;m very happy knitting it.  I'll take pictures when I get home tonight.

 Also, it will be a great small project for the bus ride over to Orlando for Gay Days at Disney this weekend.  I'm psyched!