Hi everyone ...... this is a new experience for me, I belong to many sites for social meetings etc, but this is the first knitting site that I have joined. For now I will offer a bit of back ground and maybe add more as I go along.
I live in Toronto On Canada and work 3 days a week at a natural fibre store called "Romni Wool" here in Toronto. It really is a hobby job for me and what better place than a yarn store!!!!!! I have been knitting about 45 years but really only seriously for the past ten years. I like to knit everything from socks to hats and everything in between. I tend to go through phases, at the moment I am very interested in lace work and norwegian stranded work. I guess I am in an alpaca or silk mode depending on the project. That is a bit of info on myself and I look forward to hearing from others on this site sharing interests and idea's!!!!!!

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Welcome, you will find alot of ideas and "creative support" here to keep you going. Happy Knitting!!!

"You want me to knit you a pair of socks??? Give me your foot!!!!"

"You want me to knit you a pair of socks??? Give me your foot!!!!"

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Lol there is an offer that is hard to refuse Dennis