Mom socks

I have only knitted one thing for my mother in all these years, and that was a lace shawl for her 65th bithday. She said it was too nice to wear... and put it away!

I've wanted to knit some socks for her, but never had her size. This year, when I was spending a lot of time with her at Christmas, I took out some needles and some yarn (you always carry supplies with you, don't you??) and started a pair of socks from the toe up. When I had enough stitches, I had to tell her that I wanted to try it on for size... so she knew what I was up to.

I made up the pattern (simple diagonal lace) since I didn't have a pattern book with me. It went fast and when I got to the arch, I needed to do some increases for a gusset. I decided to put them on the bottom of the foot, since I needed something interesting to do with them. Then the heels and the leg... and I finished one of them in 2 days. I started the second one immediately, and got to the heel when I had to leave on my trip back home. I worked on it a bit on the trip, and then finished when I got home. I washed them and finally got some pics and then sent them off to her.

It was so funny when I was working on them. Whenever anyone would phone, she had to tell them all that I was knitting socks for her, and making up the pattern out of my head! She was so thrilled to have socks custom-made for her, and was so pleased that the actually fit! I'm sure she has been showing off to all her friends in her town!

So now I need to make another pair!


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i LOVE this design....where did you get it from??? I sooooo want to make a pair for my mom...she'd love it!

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lol...i typed before I read the details....You ought to write the pattern down!!!

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Lucky mom! It is a beautiful pattern.

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To not only tell the story but to show the socks must be a real thrill for her. What a wonderful way for her to tell people how important she is to you. This isn't just any custom pattern - it is her son's for her! Beautiful story tallguy!
At some point, if it didn't feel like it woudl take from the uniqueness of the gift to her, there are some of us sock addicts (well, at least ME) who would the pattern. My mom died six years ago, but my sister-in-law could use some TLC right about now. Cheers!!

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I like your improvised lace...It's simple but sleek... I might use something like that in a pair of socks soon. I am first and foremost a sock knitter, but I have made nary a sock in the past 6 months. Did you use a short-row toe and heel?


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Beautiful pattern! Very feminine- you should submit this for publication.

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Absolutely beautiful.