New Project pattern suggestions

Hi Guys,

I'm about to finish my first scarf and my first hat.
I'm looking forward to my next challenge. I'm a total beginner, but I like challenging and interesting patterns.

Can you guys recommend some cool patterns for me to try?
I would like to try doing comfy socks next
I bought extra thick gray yarn...

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If you have access to Knitting Without Tears, Elizabeth Zimmermann gives really good tips on some outdoorsman socks that are easy to understand. If your yarn is a bulky spin, I recommend size 7 needles as they give a fairly tight gauge and are still pretty easy to work with. Hope this helps. Books, knitting, cats...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

There is actually a pattern called "Campfire socks" that is pretty simple and knits up really well, I can email it too you if you want...

"You want me to knit you a pair of socks??? Give me your foot!!!!"