Cable Crazy

So last week I finally took out my Stich n Bitch and figured out how to cable. I feel so stupid - there was no figuring - it's brain dead easy. Anyway, it's also fun as hell and now everything I do has to have cables -when will I tire of this? Am I doomed to creating Catholic girl garments for the rest of my life?


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Why would there ever be anything wrong with making outfits for Catholic schoolgirls? No, you will never tire of cables, until you have to do a large scarf with several cables. Then you will get tired of them very soon.

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Love cables! Right now I'm working on a sweater with a cable pattern I cribbed from a childhood blanket that my grandmother knit sometime in the 1950's.

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I love cables. I made 6 Brooklyn Tweed Habitat hats over a 2 week period for Christmas gifts and I STILL love cables (Habitat is some serious cabling!). Of course, I enjoyed cables a lot more once I learned to do them without a cable needle. Ahhh . . . freedom!

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The woman that writes this blog has several free patterns for cable heavy scarves.

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Serious cable addict here as well, currently working on a jumper for my husband, a lovely heavy cable pattern form the 60's that my mother once made up for my father...

I knew one day I'd turn into her

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I adore cables -- right now I'm working on a sweater-vest that's all cable. Two different patterns side-by-side repeated across the width of the panel. It's looking really great so far.

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OMG, so now I'm powerless over cables. The thing is, would never wear them, they're a little too wholesome for me, but I love making them and it's good to see I'm not alone. Look out Catholic school girls.