Greetings from the New Guy

Just wanted to say hello and finally post since I've been lurking around for a while. I'm Joe, I learned to knit several years ago but I'm just coming back to it after a long hiatus. I just felted my first project and I had a lot of fun doing it. I'll definitely be felting more!

I live in Florida (not exactly the knitting capital of the world) but you work with the cards life deals you. I'll be attending my first Men's Knitting Retreat in May. I'm really excited about it and looing forward to meeting some of you there.

I'm knitguyla on Ravelry as well and my blog is full of knitguyla details! Be well. Joe


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Nice bowl- love the color! Welcome to our merry band!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog We shall add yo to our Ravelry FUn List. Welcome and let us seemore of your wonderful work!

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Hi....Welcome, I am fairly new here myself and enjoying it immensely and am sure you will also. The bowl is great, I realy like it. I haven't got into felting yet, I just want to knit and knit and knit lol. You would think after 45 years I would have had enough.....nope not me lol. Look forward to seeing more of your projects.

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Thank you all! Albert, the colors are simply a mix of Cascade 220 yarns in greens; one variegated and one solid. The variegated really gives it a depth of color especially after felting. The picture doesn't do it justice.

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love the colors and the bowl and i have those same snips. welcome

we put birds on things

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Beautiful Bowl
What did you use for a pattern? I love how thick it is and the colors.

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Did you double strand the yarn? It looks great. Any side view photos?
Welcome to MWK - you'll love it here.

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Welcome aboard!

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Looks fantastic! I've done some felting - but though I like the results, I also have this frustration of knitting and knitting and the deliberatly shrinking it by 25 to 30 percent!!!! Just goes against the grain.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Just had a thought ... Felted lace ... Hmmm ... Interesting thought ...

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love the bowl - I have yet to try a felted bowl....

look forward to seeing you at the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat as well!



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Welcome to MWK, and I love your bowl.

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Hi Joe!


It's a great group to be part of.

I've actually heard of quite a few people who knit all the way down there in FL. I'm in Maine, where knitting is...well...knitting IS. 'probably see you on Ravelry, too...can't be a knitter online these days without being on Ravelry it seems... :)

LOVE that bowl! That is just wicked awesome! I don't do much felting, but I really like to see how people do with it. Excellent job.


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New guy having a little trouble posting so I apologize if this posts more than once. First of all, thank you. I did double strand the yarn. It's Cascade 220 and I found the pattern on Ravelry. If you search felted bowl, it's the one from Deboarh Gray. It was free. It's actually just a giant hat so most of you won't need a pattern. I think it's as thick as it is because of the double stranding but I also felted it like crazy! Tom, I found a side shot and think I attached it correctly. ;-) Be well, J. [img_assist|nid=8003|title=Felted Bowl Side Shot|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=200|height=168]

Edit: Don't ask me why but the side shot went in the gallery. hmmm?

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Thanks for the side shot. I appreciate it.

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Welcome!! Glad your here and will have to look you up on Ravelery, haven't done much on ravelery yet but I am B3kiltedknitter on Ravelery.
Glad to have you in the familly, and Great Bowl!!

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Welcome to MWK, great to have you join us. The bowl looks really great!