Latest socks

This is yet another pair of the twisted stitch socks from The Knitting (Man)ual, this pattern has become a favourite of mine.

The yarn is Araucania Ranco solid without a colour on the label so I've christened it stonewashed amethyst because this is how it looks to me. A lesbian knitting companion thinks that's a bit flowery and suggested mauve or purple.

The needles are 2.5mm dpns.


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I really like those. It is a great looking sock. I will have to try to find the pattern. You did a great job too.

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It is a beautiful design and you do such a nice job on socks. BTW, I would rather wear stonewashed amethyst than purple. Great knitting, Kerry.

Great looking socks, Kerry, and I'm more inclined towards stonewashed amethyst.

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That pattern is on my short list. What the hell do lesbians know about naming colors anyway they can't pick two colors that go together for God's sake. :-) Very cool socks, I'm inspired, I think they will be my next project.

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Great job, I love that pattern.



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God #1 in the socks department. Great socks... mauve or purple... too simple a description... stick with your colour name :)

I'm still on my dog walking jacket... but I can't's a slow project, my concentration is improving but still I only knit in short burst, now I can knit for up to half an hour. After the dog jacket I think socks. I'll give a yell when I start cos I am sure to need help.
Is it easier to knit in wool or cotton for socks? The reason I ask is that my toenails are like razorblades, I reckon I could almost slice bread with them... yeah, I cut my toenails often but ... all my wool commercially bought socks only last me a month before I put a hole in them.
So even though I don't think the socks will have the warmth, they will have strength... maybe I should do both, and just not use the woollen socks to often.

It might snow today. That'd be nice... I could wrap it up and send it to my folks in Ballarat and Melbourne to cool them down...40+ for over a week... poor buggers


Istanbul, Turkey


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I've only knit one pair of socks when I was a kid, but it seems to me that if you knit them from ankle to toe, you would be able to ravel and reknit the damaged parts. Maybe also consider knitting just the toe tips in a carpet yarn or a yarn intended for outer wear for greater durability.

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I've heard of people making socks, and when they knit the toe and the heel, the double the yarn with dental floss (the type that isn't waxed), or some other strong but skinny fiber. Might work?


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Love the color name, beautiful detail!

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Thanks guys for the comments. Great support we give one another here on MWK>