men who knit video

I run a knitting group, I Knit London, the UK's only male run knitting group. I was interviewed with a member of the group by Tiscali earlier this year. They have put the video on their website...

allow me (and tiscali) to introduce myself...

let me know what you think, I'd love to hear your comments.



Fantastic!  I'm not too far from Spitalfields - I must pop along one Sunday.  My friends Joanne and Julia (not an item just a mad scouser and her wacky mate) used to haunt the place.  Brilliant to know you've got a stall there.  It's about time we went along again. Julia will love that.  She's a born again veggie and she loves the food stalls. She has fibromyalgia and now works from home making jewellery - pretty cool stuff.  Joanne is an avid knitter and comes from a family of mad knitters.  I'm currently planning to take another two female colleagues out from work 'up west' to explore some of the bigger shops.  They are both keen knitters but their sole experience of wool shops are dark pokey places round the back of high streets selling nasty acrylic - we'll plan to take this in as well then.  I want to awaken a fresh image of knitting in these girls; can't seem to persude any of the chaps at work to take up the needles though but I'll keep trying!

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Great interview, Gerard.  Very encouraging, I think, for potential new knitters.

How can I get an I Knit London button?

I'll trade for a Men Who Knit button.


Great video, Really encouraging. Wish there was a group like yours nearer to me, would have been good to get together. Mabe Ill pop along one Sunday to, make a day of it.

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I loved your explaining that one can learn the basics in an hour or so.  Many people I've met think that knitting must be terribly complicated or demand super-human patience, so maybe hearing that they can get started quickly will encourage new knitters to give it a try.