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I've been knitting a Faire Isle sweater in twelve colors...used the wrap, wrap, unwrap technique to avoid all the issues of snagging yarn on the reverse side. Coming along beautifully. I admit knitting Continental and English at the same time has been rather fun. The looks I get on the subway in New York working on the sweater has been it's own reward.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog So in the meantime you go shirtless I get it lol! Nice picture by the way!

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Sounds really complicated Andy
Love the new profile pic :-)

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I haven't yet had the courage to knit on the subway, but it's great that you do. The sweater sounds amazing. I hope you'll post pictures of your progress and/or the finished product. Ditto on the profile pic. I'm guessing you didn't get those forearms just by knitting and purling...

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Great picture.
12 one time? Or like 2 at a time striped?


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That sounds amazing!

I only recently started a project with 5 colors and after working on a swatch, know that I have my work cut out for me. Can't wait to see this when it's done! Any in-progress pictures?

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Sounds complicated enough without having to deal with the subway crowds as well. If I see you on the subway, I won't give you strange looks, I promise. I haven't started any Fair Isle projects yet, but would love to see pictures when you get a chance.

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I can tell you are enjoying it and having fun knitting in public lol. I also knit on the tram and subway yes the looks are of varying degrees of admiration, unbelief and down right astonishment, you are right the looks are rewarding enough and as the others have said I am waiting for pictures of the sweater.