asherton reversible scarf

just finished in between project for friend's bday gift. it was free download found at designed by s.m. kahn
i did it in cascade yarns greenland 100% merino superwash on size 8. it took 3 skeins and measures about 7'

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knit, purl and .....
moss stitch?

or rather - stocking stitch, reverse sttocking and ???

What is the third stitch?

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yeah, it's purl, knit and moss. so simply, but satisfyingly so

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Nice work Steve! Someone posted this particular pattern a while back and I started one, but for one reason or another I ripped it and it's now waiting its turn for me to try again. I enjoyed working the pattern, but I think I wasn't using a solid color so the pattern wasn't showing up clearly enough. I'll definitely give it another go. Thanks for the inspiration!


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Beautiful...I just admired that pattern, a book a friend had...

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Wonderful work on a great pattern! Congrats

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Wow Steve! That's really great. Very stylish and a beautiful color!

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Very nice indeed, I too have one started but like someone else said, it is not in a solid colour so not to sure it is worth the effort but I will keep going as it is for myself it is in Cascade 220 "Paints"

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Very, very nice design. Definately going into my queue!! Thanks.

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thanks all for compliments. this site is so satisfying :)

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Great pattern and colour, nice work.

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I love that! Nice job! Tell us how you friend likes it.

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Isn't this scarf great? I just did this scarf for the Scarf Exchange. I had a lot of fun knitting it and have bought more yarn to make more scarves. I love the texture and the fact that the scarf is double-sided. I used a wool-silk blend, which was so wonderful to work with! I like the color you chose. I think solids really work best for this, if you want to show off the texture pattern.

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your project was where i got the inspiration. thanks. yeah solids, maybe some tweed, and uniform thickness. bumpy yarn would fight the clean symmetry of it and maybe lose the illusion

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Such a beautiful scarf! I'm going to have to add it to my queue too. You do great work!

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thanks. it's fun and easy and quick

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