No willpower at all.

HI! I'm MMario.

I'm addicted to creating shawl patterns.

I'm blaming this one on Steve Lyle.


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I swear, one of these days I'm going to learn to knit in the round for no other reason but to do MMario's shawls. I had so much fun doing the Faux Spanish Lace. I've really got to get it together!

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Blake - a lot of them have flat knit variations.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

Oh, I've seen that they do, and I'm going out later today to look for a yarn for 'Damascus'. But I also need to get over the fear I have of circular knitting, so my plan is while I'm out to get a set of dpns and take some leftover worsted weight yarn and try out one of the doilies from Yarn Over to see if I can figure it out. Maybe then I can do one of your beautiful circular shawls, or the Spanish Armada, which I think is absolutely gorgeous.

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I just can't keep up


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At least it isn't drinking, drugs, gambling, binge eating or anything else tat would cause you harm. Plus when you are done you have beautiful lace.

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yes and I am addicted to your creations!!!!!!!!!!!! okay am I missing something or am I just not clever enough to know what the symbols mean?

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my bad. I forgot the stitch key.

O = yarnover
/ = right leaning decrease = k2tog
\ = left leaning decrease - I usually use skp or k2tog tbl
^ = purl two together
w = knit one, yarnover, knit one all in the same stitch.
blank squares are knit
p = purl
v = knit front and back (- or knit1,purl 1 into same sttitch if you prefer)t
totally black are just markers - no stitch

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Thanks Mario, I really thought I was mindless lol

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Okay, so I am thinking that this may be a better option for my first MMario creation. I can actually understand what it is asking me to do.

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I blame Steve for many things. It's more fun that way.
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