Here's the bad boy!

That saucy, feral, Faire Isle sweater finally getting the treatment it so richly deserved - the trollope - passively lying there, waiting to be violated!

I delicately teased the steek apart, and thrust the tool in. No butcher here...just a delicate surgeon, knowing exactly what that garment needed...passion, swift action and follow-through.

After I did the deed, I stayed with the thing, and we wore each other out.


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That is a GORGEOUS sweater! I have to hide the picture from my needles so they don't have project envy!

Be the change you want to see in the world...

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What a great narration.


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Very nice work. You should be proud.


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oh my. i'm blushing.

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After that narration, I have a new anticipation of cutting my first steek. The sweater looks great. Congrats on all the hard work.