Strange project, new help if possible

Sorry for this, but my wife has requested that I try to make something for her/us. It should be simple there are just a few details I need some help with.
Basically I am looking to knit something that resembles an over the door shoe holder (don't ask). The only difference is that there will be just one bigger/wider pocket on each row, and there will be 4 rows. So 4 pockets total.

The base of this is a piece of cake, I'm pretty much just making a scarf the right width and the right length. Nothing odd there.
The pockets should be simple enough as each one is just a square/rectangle.

My issue is attaching it and possibly doing the sides of each pocket. The pockets need to hang down/out a bit so stuff could be put into it. We also don't want it bunch, so I want to try and keep the front as straight as possible. I don't know if I should knit different side pieces that are angled and use those to attach the pocket to the base. Or is there a way to build the side pieces into the pocket itself? I can visualize what I want, just not how to do it.

Does this make any sense?

Here is a link to the shoe holder, just picture it with one bigger pocket and a straight edge across the front/top of each pocket

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You might consider making a gusset for the pockets. I think if you knit the base as described, then knit the pocket with the cast on and bind off edges being vertical when attached to the base, you should be able to knit in a gusset by starting off with one or two stitches, then attach the base and pocket panels on either side of the knitting. As you're knitting, increase for the gusset, while attaching it to the base and pocket panel. That would allow you to join the two and create as much depth to the pocket as you want. You would want to know how deep you want the pockets to be and do a little math to evenly distribute your gusset increases, but I don't think that would be too hard to achieve.

Of course another alternative would be to just knit a couple of triangles and then sew them into the base and pocket panel edges, but I hate to seam, so the gusset idea appeals to my laziness.

Hope this idea is useful.

Knit fabric has a lot of give, so if I were to knit this, I would likely nail the edges of the finished project to a wooden backing to retain the desired shape. Before knitting, you might want to decide what skills you'd like to use/practice/learn. You can make the gussets as suggested, and you could incorporate them into essentially 4 giant sock toes arranged vertically, each of which you could knit either "toe-up" or "cuff-down". You could make the gussets using increases or short rows. I'd suggest making a 3-d model out of newspaper to decide what you want do, then translate the shapes into knitting.

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I would suggest using canvas and sewing it.

YOu could do the side and front of the pockets in one piece of knitting, though (if you are going to knit. Cast on the length of pocket plus twice thw width of the gussets you want, then decrease on each side as you knit it. Cast off when the remainder is the length of the pocket. Turn upside down so the wider part is at the top. The edges fasten to your back.


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My mind immediately goes to fulling. You would need to knit everything oversize and doule stranded in wool. You could then throw it in the washer with a pair of jeans and wash in hot water with some detergent, checking it every so often to see the size. If it is fulled then you don't have to worry about the sagging that regular knitted fabric would undergo.