Nice and Easy does it!

This is one of my favorite no brainer patterns. It's so nice to knit on automatic pilot yet achieve something that has great textural detail.

This was my previous project to the Noro scarf, and the second one of these that I have knitted.

The yarn is Rowan Scottish Tweed. The colorway is Autumn (don't ask me why, lol).

The pattern can be found here:

On my first scarf I found that I didn't care for the garter stitch edging that is detailed in the pattern. I decided to use a seed stitch edging on this one. It is much crisper and provides just a bit more detail.

Next on the needles (My new Laurel Hill forest-palm wood set, Yay!) is the Ocean Waves scarf pattern that was recently posted by Randy. For that I have on hand Lorna's Laces DK Swirl in the colorway 'Camoflauge'. I'm rearing to go (even though I am slow)!

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Your knitting is just perfect and looks amazing...your photography helps it out a lot too. Autumn is an odd name for this color, although I guess Dentifrice would be worse.

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What a beautiful scarf. Great job! I like your colour selection very much. Gorgeous texture comes through with the pattern, too.

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I like to do this pattern as well when I'm just zoning out. It's just a little more engaging than knitting a tube in the round but not so much that you have to pay attention. Maybe this is what I'll take to the ballet next. Thanks for the idea!

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz

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Take it to the ballet- can you really knit and sleep at the same time?

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Ouch...I love ballet! PS Nice scarf...I do like the basketweave texture


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The yarn, pattern and knitting are gorgeous! There is an elegance in simplicity that no amount of ingenious ornamentation can touch.

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My Mother knitted a scarf in this pattern for me back in High School in a dark green heather. It was handed down to my Son several years ago. Love the seed stitch border also. Beautiful.

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That's a beautiful scarf. Seed stitch is wonderful for edges I agree. You did a wonderful job.


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Beautiful scarf, the color is perfect! The ocean waves scarf is a fun scarf to knit, I think you'll enjoy it.



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This is really nice. Can someone tell me where to find the pattern? I have some persimmon colored yarn at home that's speaking to me!

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I got the pattern from here:

I like this version because the basketweave slightly staggers like a real basket. Most that I have seen look like a checker board.

The pattern calls for a garter stitch border. I switched that to a seed stitch on my second go-round and went with a channel islands type of yarn. I felt that both choices would give more detail to the finished piece.

Thank you all for your very kind remarks. Coming from such awesome knitters as we have here I am truly flattered.

You let go of it, it let go of you.

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You let go of it, it let go of you.

Velcro Confucious

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It's very beautiful and I love your photograph.