A few completed projects

Well the winter months were productive. I finished "Matt", the companion scarf to "Matthew" which I posted several months ago and I finished my button vest.

I need to learn to do better at choosing yarn. The vest is in baby alpaca and I truly adore and love the feel of it, but it's stretchy. It's too stretchy and as a result I'm going to have a vest that's longer than I anticipated. I'll still wear it--it's especially good for practicing piano--but I probably won't wear it out of the apartment much. Live and learn.

I'm happy about the scarf though, I now have a lovely pair knit with meaning.

(Don't see how I can attach 2 images so I'll attach an image of the vest as it's the larger project.)

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The colours you'd used to knit the vest compliment each other very well, and the patterning is exquisite!
If I may inquire, where did you find the buttons? I've searched through many shoppes here in the TC's for barrell buttons, and am still hunting for some.

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I really like your vest. Both colour and pattern is right on for me. The pockets' ribbing in the green is a lovely feature. Too bad you learned as I did that alpaca does not hold its shape. I made a sweater that turned into a bathrobe.

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Love the vest! Dittos on Ron's comments. I think the best way to deal with an oversized alpaca vest is to send it to me.

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Beautiful vest, you did a great job! I like the color combination also.



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I really like the pattern and your choice of color combination! I wasn't aware that alpaca stretched that much; good to know. Despite the stretching, I still think the vest looks great.

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Some (okay - probably many) alpaca yarns are pretty stretchy; which combined with alpaca's lesser amount of "memory" compared to wool can mean problems. B

It's not so much that it stretches more, but it doesn't "spring back" as well.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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What's the best way to combat the lack of memory and increased stretch. Do you just adjust the size of the pattern and make the garment a bit shorter? Do you recommend using a blend instead of 100% alpaca for sweaters? I'm curious. I saw a mini-documentary on alpacas and the processing of their fleece before getting spun on one of my knitting DVD's and since then I've been very interested in trying it out! Thanks for your help and expertise!

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Thanks for the compliments everyone. I still like it even though it won't 'spring back' into shape over time. (Thanks for the explanation MMario.)

I bought the buttons at Knit New York (14th Street and & 2nd

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Thank you.