Here it is my sixth attempt

This is the beginning of my sweater incorporating Kieran Foley's "Crocodile" swatch. Yes it took me six attemps, thank goodness for Kieran's patience and help, I am on my way now. Kieran is my new hero!!!!

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That is going to be a gorgeous sweater! Great job, you'll not only have a beautiful sweater but you also learned a lot.



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Facinating! Looks like the knitting is doing something that knitting can't do. Will be beautiful.

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When I saw your inital post, I followed the links to Kieren's patterns and puchased one of the chart samplers. I will be anxious to give them a whirl.
It looks like you are knitting this back and forth, opposed to in the round. I was thinking that working in the round would be much easier.
I'll be excited to see your result and hear your answer to my inquiry.
Great JOB! What kind of yarn are you using? Great stitch definition.


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Thanks Michael, I did consider doing it in the round but I had so much trouble starting that I decided it would be easier to do it back and forth. Now that I know how the charts work it would be simple to do in the round oh well maybe next time. The yarn is Zara by Filtura di Crosa 12 ply double knit

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Very interesting!

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This is going to be really fabulous. Can't wait to see more.

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Kudos Dennis!! Seems a little (ok...a lot) out of my reach, but hopefully I'll get there some day. You're work is beautiful! I love the color!!

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Six attempts is nothing - I would never get that right. It's gorgeous!

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