Now's as good a time as any to start talking about music, what do you guys listen too and why??

I myself have lately found myself attracted to opera, I had a pretty big collection I knew that, but now that I find I have time left I keep finding CD's I never even knew I owned, some of my favourites at the moment are;

Le Comte Ory - Rossini (not only is Florez a hottie but he can sing too!)
La Wally - Catalani
La Forze del Destino - Verdi
Mefistofele - Boito
Faust - Gounod
Romeo et Julliet - Gounod
Les Troyens - Berlioz
Ariodante - Handel
Giulio Cesare - Handel
Rodelinda - Handel
Floridante - Handel

and of course I listen to a lot of orchestral music, I have this crush on Tchaikovsky's music.

How about all of you?



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I tend to enjoy more the trad/folk genre; funny chorus songs; drinking songs; sad murder ballads, depressing tales of death and dying (known at ren faires as "Irish Love songs") - andthen there are the sad depressing drinking songs about death and dying with choruses.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

Jason1978's picture've made my day Mario..thanks!!! ;-P

'Why are you weeping? Did you imagine that I was immortal?'

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In that case.. nothing beats the Whiskey Lullaby!

Grace and Peace,

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I'm a sucker for a dying chorus.

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do they have any sock yarn in a colorway that would be good for a guy?

As for opera, my favorites are:

Bizet, Les pecheurs de perles, Au fond du temple saint -- what guy hasn't had a similar experience? I still wear the same sweater I knit 30 years ago that kept me warm when I was going through my own Pearl Fisher experience.

Mussorgsky, Boris Godunov, the whole opera -- It's dripping with majestic Russian pathos, with drunken priests ("when I drink, I don't like sober people"), power hungry autocrats, and even Marina Mniszek, a haughty and venal aristocratic woman.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog music is kind of hard, because if it is just music without words I enjoy different types, but my favortites are Jazz and Instrumental Classical, and DISCO lol!

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nothing wrong with DISCO......shake that booty baby!

'Why are you weeping? Did you imagine that I was immortal?'

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I usually listen to solo piano or concertos. I love Bach and the romantic periods, especially Rachmaninoff. Others that I enjoy are trio's, the Rachmaninoff Elegiac Trios are gorgeous, chamber music, Gregorian (the group), Celtic Woman, and some adult contemporary music. I also love ragtime piano.



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I seldom "listen" to music. I usually just sit down and play the piano. I love Scott Joplin but also like the classics. My favorite is Mozart. Whenever we travel we try to book an opera or orchestral concert, wherever we are. I saw the most unusual and magnificent production of "Faust" in Munich a couple of years ago.

If I do turn on a CD, it is usually Hawaiian music, to soothe my soul and take me back to the thoughts of paradise.

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I go through period where I only want to listen to one person or one genre of music. For a while it was Gilbert and Sullivan and at the moment it's Steve Earl - tomorrow it could be Doris Day (her Sentimental Journey is one hot song by the way) who knows. I'm always looking for something new and different - to me at least.

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early evenings it's classical, G&S, showtunes...late night it's coutry waltzes and suicide songs...

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I have young kids, so when in the car I don't really get to listen to anything other than Laurie Berkner. My guess is most of you have no clue who that is. I wish I could say the same!

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Its that hysterical band right.....they jump around all the time, and basically dp whatever they sing.... one scoop two scoops here I come.....I pity you...

'Why are you weeping? Did you imagine that I was immortal?'

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I listen to a lot of classical music, with opera comprising about 70% of the mix. I tend to like dark Russian operas, such as Mussorgsky's "Boris Godunov" (both versions) or Tchaikovsy's "Mazzepa". However, recently I've enjoyed getting to know Puccini's "La fanciulla del west". My partner likes to listen to Wagner--especially the Ring Cycle. On Saturday mornings, I often will listen to the Met Opera live broadcast while knitting. A man can get a lot of knitting done while listening to an entire opera!

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I love opera but know little about it.
I have often thought that I should hunt down a good, but basic, primer in opera to help me understand what I am listening to. My partner is a serious student of film scores so they are always playing. That bring such pleasure to him that I have no desire to take over the sound space. But when I am alone, and often when cooking, I can't get enough of the heroic tenors. (What a kick it must be to open your mouth and have that amazing sound fill a hall. What work it must be.)
Anyway, your question encourages me to think a bit more about what I might like to be listening to and how I might better understand it. Suggestions for a reasonable study guide or process would really be welcome. -Phil

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Now without wanting to make this sound degrading or whatever, I can seriously recommend 'Opera for Dummies' I have bought it for several friends, and they are now all able to seriously discuss opera!

'Why are you weeping? Did you imagine that I was immortal?'

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Now that's the kind of practical response that I was looking for! Thanks Jason

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I started my musical listening life to the grand big symphonies and concertos, then moved on to opera, but the last twenty years chamber music has taken centre stage including contemporary works. My current favourite composers are Shostakovich and Benjamin Britten.

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* Anything Putumayo puts out (world music and especially African)
* Sigur Ros
* Stars of the Lid
* Old records from the 70s and 80s
* Brian Eno
* Orchestra Boabab
* Indian classical music
* Album called "Call of the Valley" - music from Kashmir


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Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Medieval -- I've always loved the ancients and the study is more than fascinating too me.

Renaissance and Baroque -- I really enjoy the sacred music as well as the secular...and how more and more separation during these periods between sacred and secular are becoming more evident.

Bach is one of my favorites of all time. He is the master of the fugue -- who else can take one melody and turn the very theme of a piece into it's own counterpart eight measures later and three staves lower?

Then again, Handel had this thing for superb oratorios! Bach did well enough, but, Handel really did them up! I did a tuba solo of "Honour and Arms" from Samson. I also played tuba in the "first choir" with my brass ensemble when we did "Sonata Octavi Toni" from Giovanni Gabrieli's hand.

I have this thing for both chamber music AND suites -- dance suites and orchestral.

Classical Period -- well, it speaks for itself. It's awesome! It's classical. Just to even hear or see the word conjures a grand orchestra playing off the next symphony -- yes, the age of grand symphonies, but yet humble chamber music -- the Beethoven string quartets won't ever be beat! Ah, but Mozart -- oh, he could do up a symphony just the same, but his sacred music! I would revert back to Bach's greatness and wonder how much of an influence he really was on Amadeus.

...and yes, the world of Opera! My favorite of all time will always be "La Traviata! by Verdi.

...and ballets -- just the same. I always have and always will love "The Nutcracker" the best. "Swan Lake" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" will definitely take their place on the medal stand, but, gold is The Nutcracker -- cliche, perhaps, but, it's Tchaikovsky -- enough said.

The age of the waltz! Oh, to be in Vienna during it's time! Could you imagine? I just melt into the music when I'm listening.

Orchestral music in general, I would say. I LOVE marches, too! Concert marches! From the hand of John Philip Sousa, himself! There used to be a radio station here in Maine, when I was growing up, that would have a special segment every evening at 5 called "The March Home" where they'd play a march.

WWII Era music and popular music following through all the way up to the mid '50s.

MGM Musicals -- every single one of them. I could watch them looped and never get tired of them. I will always have a crush on Gene Kelly! If there was ever a man...Yeah, yeah, I know what he turned into and I know he's not even alive now, but, you just watch any one of those MGM Musicals with him in it...and pick ANY one, for that matter. Just call me Fiona and sing "Heather On The Hill".

Celtic music! I would have to turn in my tartan and renounce all four of my names if I even thought that the whistle and good old Highland pipes didn't stir my soul. I love both ancient and modern Celtic music. My roommate is in a modern Celtic rock band called "The Pubcrawlers" out of Portland, Maine -- they just opened for Flogging Molly at the Shamrock-Fest in Washington DC last weekend. Maybe I could convince them to sing "Caledonia" -- lately, that song has been going through incarnation after incarnation, style after style and Dougie MacLean is probably LOVIN' it.

I've lived through and remember the '70s and '80s and that's all just a part of me, that I'll listen to just because. It's pretty much an even, mix, too. I'll listen to both rock and roll and country music equally...but I rarely listen to it at all...but I do have my favorites -- such as I own everything that Fleetwood Mac, most especially and including Stevie Nicks' own albums. That's my GIRL!!! I looooove Madonna! -- but, like I said, they're all -- well, modern.

Don't care much for anything more modern than that other than the genre of "New Age" -- I listen and also compose New Age music...relaxation and meditation music; space age style music; "Hearts of Space" and "Echoes" are a couple of my favorite NPR programs -- aside from "Pipe Dreams" "Thistle and Shamrock" "Live At The Met" and the overnight classical music general programming.

...and I've been having a LOT of fun, lately, sequencing a lot of the classical music pieces using soundfonts from out of this world! They're some of the best sounds for digital instumentation that I've heard! Ever since school and music theory class, I've always been completely fascinated with arranging music and instruments...and now, I work with it every day.

Yes, music is my life and I can't be without it.

I love too much of it to list everything.


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I don't even Know where to start I listen to so much music and so many different types
There are some genres of music I enjoy more than others and there are songs and albums that I identify with more or were more important to me at certain times in my life so here goes

At Seventeen - Janis Ian while this song was Popular before I was born I Identify with this song. I came out at a time when not only was I "different" from my straight peers I was what can be best described as an " art fag" I was different than most gay guys my age I wasn't interested in what they were I looked different than them I had ( and still have ) strong personality. I felt so different while most gay guys my age were really into music that was popular like what ever was the newest Madonna song ( not that there is anything wrong with Madonna I think she is a genius ) I was into Bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Through the Looking Glass - By Siouxsie and the Banshees
This while an album of Covers was my first Siouxsie and the Banshees Album
I bought it out of a dollar bin at a local Music shop the cover looked interesting to me and I had recently seen a picture of Siouxsie Sioux in Details magazine She looked so Dark and Mysterious I had to hear her I was not disappointed in what I heard to this Day I am a still a huge fan of Siouxsie in all her musical incarnations from the Banshees to the Creatures to current solo works

Live through this - by Hole
I remember watching M TV one night ( yeah I can remember when they actually played music I am that old ) before sneaking out for the night I was mostly just using it as background noise to cover what I was actually doing 120 minutes was on and they Played the video for Doll Parts I was immediately a fan there was just something about way Courtney Love was singing like she had swallowed to many tears pills booze and heartache and it was so different from what I was normally listening to at the time ( what ever was popular with the kids in my neighborhood I was still at that phase of life trying to fit in and not stand out )
Live through this was such a great album and was one of the albums that got me out of rut of conforming to the norm

Boys for Pele - by Tori Amos
The few friends I had in high school were huge fans of Tori Amos. I sadly at the time had no Idea who she was until I heard the song Caught a Lite Sneeze played on the radio I was immediately taken by the fact that she was play the harpsichord
playing the harpsichord is no easy feat to start with and to play it in the context of something other than a piece of classical music and make it work is unheard of yet there Tori was with her harpsichord. I ran out and bought Boys for Pele as soon as I could scrap up the money I feel in love with it I listened to the tape ( I didn't have a CD player at the time) to the point where it wore out. I had in the mean time gotten a babysitting job and bought my first CD Player Boys For Pele was the First CD I bought along with the Crucify EP not only did I Buy it on CD I bought the English Import boxed set of it it was $100 ( at the time it was big bucks as I was only a freshmen in high school and babysitting for extra money ) and worth every penny later that summer I would also buy the Limited Edition Clear Vinyl Record 1 of 100000 made. I am still big fan of tori not as Fanatic as I was when I was younger but her music was and still is a big part of my life

Shorter Version Albums:
The Mortal City - by Dar Williams I could Listen to this Album from beginning to end all day long
Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos her first and many argue her best to me there are so many memories linked with album some happy some melancholy
Dilate-Ani Difranco it was the first Ani album I owned
Indigo Girls Self titled I can remember singing along with friends to most of the songs on this Album

Random List of some Favorite Artists:
Andrea Coller, The Strangelings, Bella Birds, Dar Williams, Phillip Glass, The Dresden Dolls, Mia Doi Todd, Kerli, Interpol, The Cure, NIN, Scissor Sisters, Lily Allen, Missy Elliot, Carol King, Joanna Newsom, Sufjan Stevens, Cat Power, PJ Harvey, Clear Static, Garbage, the Cranberries, Janis Ian, Arlo Guthrie, Moving Breath, Anoushka Shankar, Cracow Klezmer Band, Pentaphone, Bass Nectar, Fruit, Winterpills, The Neilds, Dave Carter, Tracy Grammer, Erin Mckeown, Melissa Ferrick, Crooked Still, Gillian Welch, Bjork, Vance Gilbert, Arcade Fire, My Ruin, Le Tigre, The Gossip, Pizzacato 5, Cibo Matto, Yoko Ono, Happy Rhodes, Portishead, Annie Lennox, Kate Bush, Sarah B,Switchblade Symphony, Rasputina, Imogen Heap, Zoe Keating, Better than Ezra, Kylie Minogue, Rufus Wainwright, Laura Nyro

I could honestly go on and on forever but I wont
I hope you enjoy the glimpse of what I enjoy for music
Cheers and Happy Knitting

I Believe in Everything
Nothing is Sacred
I Believe in Nothing
Everything is Sacred

I Believe in Everything
Nothing is Sacred
I Believe in Nothing
Everything is Sacred

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I'm a parrot head, so I think Jimmy Buffett is great any time of the day or year!


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Usually I anything put out by Sarah Brightman, Josh Groban, Andrea Bochelli, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, sone easy Jass, light Opera, Light Classical, just depends on the mood I am in. I tevd to like easy listen music at my Salon, what I call background music. I do like Celtic music Also and drinkig song like Mario...sing on MMario!

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Wolfhound one of the sad songs.....I have a freiend who starts leaking tears about halfway through the first verse - and cries through the rest of it - and she always wants me to sing it.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation