Dear Felting Gurus....

....  I need some opinions from those that have come before me.

I am finishing up a pair of clogs for Jim and the size if pretty straightforward, size 11.  I am about to start a pair for his mom who is a size 8.5.  The pattern is written for a womens size 6, 8, and 10.

My question is, do I knit a size 8 and felt it less producing a softer fabric or do I go for a 10 and felt it more for a stiffer one.  (and I have already thought of the "go for the stiffer one" joke).  I'm using Classic Elites' "Inca Alpaca" (100% alpaca)  So I assume that if I knit the larger I can get it down to size. 

Opinions?   Thanks, Chris


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I haven't done the clogs, yet, but I think I would do the smaller size and felt a bit less.  It's a half-size difference compared to a size and a half if you do the 10.  You could also go up a needle size when you do the 8's and probably end up pretty close to where you need to be for her size.

 Going up a needle size ran through my head as well. What size does the pattern call for?



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I suppose you know this already but just in case you don't: If the felted item is calculated to be too big when you take the clogg out of the washingmachin you can dry it in a tumble drier in 60 degrees C (don't know if you have F in Us) and it will be smaller. If you choose to knit the larger size and want it to felt very much the tumble drier can work. However, in my fiberbible it is written that only sheep wool can be felted, have you tried to felt alpaca already?

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yea thats my point of veuve too take a half size needle or a hole size more to get it that half size bigger love Palle


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I can't help but say...."Stiffer is always better"...had too! But seriously....I do think going for a larger size and felting it more is the best. I haven't done these myself but have had friends that had the same issue.....bigger needle good idea too. That concludes my 2 cents!