my LYS is closing - and knitted pottery

I posted on my blog - check it out here:

but my LYS is closing - she's out of money and just can't do it... so sad - I bought yarn (haven't blogged about THAT yet hehe) and she gave me 2 of her little miniature toy sheep - very sweet...

I also got to raku in ceramics on Saturday - I did a few of my knitted pieces in raku - and it was so much fun!! I'm considering selling these pieces and have had a few emails discussing the possibility of buying them :) fun fun! I am working on more... loving the idea of combining the knitting and ceramics...


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I am so sorry to hear of a LYS closing. Fortunately, all the LYSs that I frequent have all been reporting "better than the norm" business - even in this struggling economy. They report more and more people seeming to be interested in handcrafted items and inexpensive hobbies to keep them entertained. I am sorry to hear of the loss...

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Kyle - Just checked out the blog posting... very cool! So are you knitting certain pieces then covering them in the clay to do the raku? I am so intrigued and would love to hear more about the process. My partner has done ceramics and if we could combine our talents... hmm.... :-)

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Hi Kyle,

I'm so sorry to hear about your LYS - these times are hard. One of the galleries that I had my pieces in closed over the weekend. So sad. Luckely, my LYS is the only one in the entire area, so I think they're doing ok - I certainly do my part to keep them in business!

Your pottery is beautiful - I sent you a message about that.

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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I can't imagine how any yarn store survives very well. Even one of the more successful stores used to be in my area (Tomato Factory...who introduced Alice Starmore to the U.S.)...they used to sell tons of yarn, mostly for Fair Isles and lots of books and needles and everything, but the owner there still hardly made a suitable living.

I always wonder how guys like Sean at Woolcott & Co. ( or Matt and Rob at ThreadBear Fiber Arts ( are able to make do.

I try to support my local yarn store and also guys who own yarn businesses, but even the amount of fiber I buy wouldn't help keep a business afloat.

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Your pottery is GORGEOUS! I've never seen anything like it. My favorite piece is the knitted tray!

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