Is it my computer?

.......................or is this homepage scewed up?


Either we have the same computer or it's the homepage.

You must have fixed your computer because it looks normal now. Smile

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sometimes you have to sign in again for it to look the way you've selected...

It only seemed to be a problem with IE, no issues running it in Firefox



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I'm having the same problem - only on the home page however.  I've logged off and back on again to no avail.  Annoying but not life threatening!

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firefox on windows XP  It's hosed for me.



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I think it's probably Aaron's posting about the sweater pattern, with the pattern cut and pasted.  That can through off the page formatting.  Similar to posting a very long link that takes up several lines without a break.  Mine is still wacky on Firefox and on IE.

Mine was screwy earlier today but fine when I logged in now. 

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Mine is still screwed up. When the new posts have pushed the pattern post on to page 2 the home page will get back to normal, yes? 


I knit


I knit