I'm back from wherever I went--with a lot more FO's under my belt!

Ok, so I've been in a lot of transition the past couple months. My apologies for not being around. While I think cables are delightful, my new best friend is lace. I just finished a scarf in a yarn ordered from the Netherlands simply because I loved the colorway...what a fantastic way to use the skein. My thanks to Jim for the inspiration. I didn't know if I had enough yarn to make a scarf, much less a lace scarf. (does lace take more or less yarn than stockinette?)

I'm finding I've come a long way from feeling the need to get everything done NOW. Besides the scarf, I knit a sock (and need to finish the mate), finished a terribly belated wedding afghan, and made a mitts/neckwarmer/hat set. I'm no longer afraid of skinny yarn or small needles!! And frogging and tinking doesn't bother me nearly as much as it did. Like I said, I've come a long way from using size 15 needles for every project.

Whoo hoo! Yay for me!


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I really like the pattern and the colorway of your scarf. What is this yarn and pattern? As to your obessiveness, that's something that many of us have to work on!

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i'm sorry for not answering sooner...I just now discovered the feature that says "new comments." Oops.

The pattern is improvised from the double lace rib--seven repeats across. What a fantastically easy-to-follow, cool-looking lace pattern! The yarn is Evilla Artyarns 6/2, colorway A-8. I think. It's hard to read the label in Dutch.

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Beautiful colourway, welcome to the world of lace, things just keep getting beetter!!!!!!!!

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That is really beautiful, I love the colorway.



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Congratulations on becoming a true knitter. One of us who just love the act of knitting no matter how long it takes or whether or not you are frogging. Just enjoying the feel and colors of the yarn. Beautiful colorway by the way

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Lace and socks... the crack of the knitting obsession. You know there is no turning back, but then why would you want to. Can't wait t osee more of what you create.

As for your lace question... knitting lace takes the least amount of yarn. It is the type of knitting that gives you the most bang for your buck. Wait until you start knitting lace shawls for no one in particular, just to knit them. :-)

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Hmm. I really resonate with your statement about lace giving you the best bang for your buck. That has impressed me of late...so I have more thin yarn hanging around.

But I'd disagree with you on one point. I was hooked on knitting a way back, I think somewhere around hats. Last fall I made about twenty chullos. Oops.

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Great job. The colorway is fantastic. As you can now guess, lace knitting is addictive and does take the knitter to a whole new high feeling.

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The comment on the size 15 needles is so funny. I still have freinds who won't do anything smaller, they think I'm nuts when I use 0s for socks. One of them actually asked my why I was working with such tiny needles. They've never done anything more complex then a triangular shawl all in garter stitch with giant needles so it looks like a spider web. They tell me they don't like to have to think - it's not relaxing. Oh, well, women!

Beautiful scarf, I would love to have the pattern. Where can I find it?

Welcome back...I am loving the color too! It is funny....I made my first market/grocery bag and was stressful of the handles etc. When I got done and realized how easy it was, I was proud and and inspired not be to so stressed!