New Pattern

Here is a picture of a a knit and purl "checkerboard" pattern I am starting on... 4 knit 4 purl repeat....I like the texture and pattern. I am using Cascade 220 yarn on number 5 needles. I am not sure if this will be a scarf or not. I am kind of getting sick of scarves. Any ideas....


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CraftyAndy used this pattern this week for his afghan block. Maybe you can join in his afghan knitalong if you want to try something different. Nice to see you back!

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I thought his basketweave was done in garter and stocking stitch though.....Of course I could be wrong.

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I really like the checkerboard/basket weave pattern, I think I may use it for a baby blanket. Your color choice is beautiful, it would make a beautiful pillow.



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i love checkerboard pattern.
i dont get sick of it. i have a few scarves knitted in it but ive been thinking of doing a whole blanket of it.

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I recommend choosing an object as a goal...I made a raglan sweater from the top down in the same yarn and needle size as a first object. There are great, simple patterns on the web, where you fill in the blanks with gauge, simple measurements, easily understood directions for the inexperienced and unsure knitter.

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