The rug is completed

Many months ago I posted that I was working on a rug. It is now complete and after blocking it lays flat.

I'm not sure I'd ever do this project again. I liked making the icord, but all the sewing was a pain.

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Congrats, it looks great! I was wondering if you had given up on this or not. I'm not sure if you remember, but I tried making a similar rug from the same book and had to rip it out twice and ended up using the yarn for a different rug. I'm really glad it worked out for you. I personally won't try again though.

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I can't believe you made all that i-cord, and the sewing you did is perfect...the rug lies so flat.

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Wow, that's so great. At first I couldn't figure out how it was a knitting project but after reading your post I get it. That's really amazing and the colors are great. Funny how many projects get done only once... congrats.


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Really nice job, and I agree once for many projects is enough!!!!!! It will be very comfy underfoot I am sure.

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I can't even imagine doing that much i-cord; let alone sewing it together.

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