This sight is amazing. I am so happy to be a part of it. This act of kindness towards our fellow knitter is so awesome. My wife has also offered to do a few squares. She is a much better knitter than me. I will still do my best with one.

The shout box is pretty damn amusing too. The comment about knitting, recipes and the cutie on the next rock made me spray coffee on the screen from laughing.

Here is my fist animal victim for mt next project after the squares and socks. This is Sonic a blue green macaw we rescued from unspeakable abuse. She came with a naked body from feather pulling due to stress. The feathers will not grow back. The pic was taken after she laid on egg on me when laying in bed with me one day.I want to make a sweater for her and I am hoping the gents on here can help. something very easy would be great and and thoughts or tips would be great!


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What an amazing picture...thanks for sending it, and more importantly, thanks for rescuing this delightful Macaw.

Would a bird wear a sweater? If so, I would highly recommend doing something in a lightweight, fine gauge, warm yarn.

If you had something like kid alpaca in a fingering weight yarn, you could do a simple tube, as if you were knitting a sock, and then just add a little ribbing at the top for a turtleneck that would draw in the top of the tube and keep the sweater on the bird and keep the upper body warm. You wouldn't really need to have leg-hole openings, would you?

Mostly, I would be concerned about taking the sweater off...that it would drag the feathers up towards the might have to make it loose enough that you could pull it down over the legs and tail.

Very nice picture. I had four parrots about 2 years ago, but then gave them up when I had a stroke. I had an Conga African Grey, Blue and Gold Macaw, Cockatoo, and a Sun Conure. Anyway, I am feeling very good now and have allowed myself one bird, Petey, the Timneh African Grey. I am glad that you have that bird and will give her a good home. Take care.

Bryan Probst

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I read many years ago that one of the reasons that bad things happen to good people (and animals) is so that we might experience the gift of caring for them, and through that sometimes-painful process, begin to understand our connection with all of creation.

Sonics, thanks for rescuing that bird, that's really awesome. It's good to see she's in good hands now.

PS- Bryan, it's good to see you back, it's been a while. Glad you're feeling better.


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Can't really comment on birds...never owned one. Sisters have, but I always had to make sure my cat remembered "We do not eat our feathered siblings!" (Nor chase, nor stalk, etc.) How wonderful that Sonic trusts you enough to share her egg. Anyhow, I think an easily removed tube would be best for her sweater. - I agree...this site is the greatest. It gives me a sense of community that I didn't even realize I needed. Until I found it. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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That is a fantastic picture and I had a good feeling about you when I read your first post. You truly are a blessed man to be so caring of Jason and your much abused bird. I agree with Joe it should come off over the tail if it is a tube. "Drops" do a great fingering weight Baby Alpaca. I like the Quivet but it is rather expensive, about $76.00 for a 25 grm ball, (that is Canadian $'s)

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Here is a pattern you may use for your bird:
Look for "chux tux" near the bottom of the page.
Or this one:
And more than you will want to know about sweaters for birds:

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Maybe a cape with a "breakaway" clasp so the little darlin doesn't get hung up in it.

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Can't help you with a pattern, but I would like to say bless you for rescuing that gorgeous macaw. I'm sure she will now receive the caring and love she deserves.



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I'm so in awe of this photo! It takes very special people to have the time, patience and heart to care for mistreated animals. My Aussie, Ariel, who passed away last year was adopted after being beaten and mistreated for 6 months. It took almost a year to bring her out of her shell and establish an unconditional trust, but we then had 14 years of bliss! One more example of the quality of people in our "family".


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