what I did today

In part of my life I;m a bookbinder, and i was sitting in an exhibiton of books today, and as it was quiet i got out my knitting, the gallery owner was fascinated and had to take some pictures, one of them here, a great uplifting with nice happy thoughts, even though no sales....


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Fun times. So, here's my first impressions upon reading your post...

(Viewing small picture) Wow! Look at the size of those balls of yarn he's sitting on!

(Viewing larger picture) Or maybe they are melons...

That's pink.

Is that a ...kilt...that your wearing? Or a knitting chart unrolled on a green scroll?

Looks like a really fun place to knit. I'm glad the gallery owner took such a fascination in a knitter. And it does make for a great picture.

(End of impressions. Yes, it's scary the way my mind works.)

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I love it, I knit anywhere I have a couple of spare minutes, it is a standing joke with my friends, to make sure there is room for my knitting bag. Great picture, sorry about the no sales!!!!!!

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You look very handsome knitting wearing a kilt. You get a 10 Wooden Needle out of Ten, Knitting in Public award! Men in Kilts are very Sexy!

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The gallery owner must also be a good photographer...I love a lot about this photo...the composition is great, but it's more interesting that the vibrancy of your jacket, kilt and knitting activity mix in very well with the are surroundings.

Was the owner just flirting because you weren't crossing your legs with a kilt on?

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kilted guys should NEVER cross their legs.... it opens up the viewing angle even more........and whether or not she was flirting, it wouldn't do HER anygood!!
It's a lovely gallery space have a look at their website: www.flowgallery.co.uk



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Well, of course, knitting in public...most definitely!!!

...and awesome, awesome, AWESOME that she had the cohones to snap at least that picture...which, as I fully agree with Joe, is a really great composition...all of the elements are there...

...and speaking of cohones and elements...how 'BOUT crossing them legs...?!?!? (am I really as awful as that sounded...verily I think so)



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I think exposing your nuts in full view under your kilt is quite daring and perhaps speaks to the gallery's point of view and artistic direction?

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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I'm a bit puzzled at to why you all seem to think I was exposing myself....... I certainly wasn't and wouldn't. Obviously most of you haven't worn kilts otherwise you would know that kilted men don't cross their legs as that is the certain way of exposing yourself, of course you all might be very kind to me imagining that I had more to show than some......
oh yes the wooden stool was only about 12" off the ground as well



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I understand why you don't cross your legs while wearing a kilt. That is a mistake I only made once! After that, it is both feet on the floor at all times!

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I LOVE this photo! I'm starting to knit in public more and more. Good for you and I like the pink!


“Now, let us all take a deep breath and
forge on into the future;
knitting at the ready.” -- E. Zimmerman

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From on Kilt wearer to another, I must say you look very comfortable sitting there knittng in public. Good for you!! I too wear kilts and never cross my legs either. Are you wearing a Utilikilt? That is the brand of Kilts I wear. All the other guys on this site are just jealous they aren't wearing a kilt and knitting in public also, lol! Once they were to try on a kilt they would never go back, don't ya think?
Happy Kilt wearing and Happy Knitting!

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Thanks for that, I make kilts as well, this is a traditional high rise, hand sewn heavy tweed wool one. I do make different sorts, but to be honest the utilikilt type isn't really for me, but for some they work.
At some point perahps we need to have a sub group of kilties who knit in public!



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I just went to your site to see some of your kilt work and it is exceptional. What beautiful work you do.

Makes me envious as I am completely kilt-ignorant.