Last Call for squares for Jason's Blanket

hey guys-

I wanted to just put a quick last request out there for anyone who is participating in the crafting of Jason 1978's comfort blanket - I need to RECEIVE the squares here in Los Angeles by FRIDAY, May 29, 2009 (I know; I said May 30th before - don't worry - I'll still be assembling the following week) - but so that I can start assembly, I need to be able to lay out the squares and get the joining started this coming weekend.

EMAIL ME - (kyle @ kunnecke (dot) net) and ask for the mailing address if you haven't already done so.

Don't worry about blocking your squares - as long as they're about 8" x 8" we should be fine - most of us have learned that acrylic doesn't block very well anyway (hehe)

Lastly, if you can't find time to make a square for the blanket, I hope you'll at least take time to write a quick note to Jason - if you'd like to include a card, mail it to me and I'll include it in our package to him.

THANK YOU to everyone who has participated! I am planning on taking photos of all the packages (or making a list or something) this weekend - to sort of detail who participated - I'll also do some photos of the blanket as it progresses - those will be posted on my blog for those of you interested -

I just received 3 more squares over the weekend from Philip in Montreal, Quebec... (thank you!)

and today, I received squares from:

Millard (in Louisiana)
YugiDean (in Kansas)
Wilmot (in Colorado)
Knitmaniac (in SPAIN!)

the joy keeps pouring in...


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Thanks again for taking this on. I think we all know that this takes considerable organizing and work to actually join the pieces.

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Kyle I hope you recieved mine, I noticed you had recieved some from"Darrel" in Ontario, was that meant to be Dennis lol. I also sent you a letter via Air Mail.

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maybe that was you (sigh) I'm not doing too well with listing everyone's contributions as they arrive. I have yet to receive a letter from you (via air mail) - but I sort of think those were your squares...

I'll probably just use the first name (or user ID) and the city/state that they reside, and the # of squares as I list all the contributors in the blog later this week...



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Thanks Again for all your hard work in getting this together...
I sure hope you got my squares... I sent then week before last...

~ Rob

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I'm going to make a good list of which squares I received this weekend. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to divide and arrange the squares - (I need to be sure to include at least one square from each participant which shouldn't be a problem) but during the arranging I don't want to accidentaly remove the only square from one knitter.

I'll sort it out and blog about it this weekend :)



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You're a Genius!! xoxo

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I successfully got mine in the mail today, finally!!

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There was never a shadow of a doubt; well, there's a shadow, but no doubt.

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Did you get my squares???

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I'll be posting a list of the squares I recieved either this weekend or early next week - I got a LOT of boxes and packages and didn't start listing which ones arrived at the beginning... I hope you can wait till then for the list - I'd like to do one big list (which I'll post on my blog)

thank you though - chances are I got your package :)



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Yet another BIG "Thank You" for taking this on. I look forward to the pictures. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I dropped mine in the mail yesterday sent priority mail. According to the USPS website it should be there in 2 days if the creek don't rise.

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oh shitballs! i am redoing mine as once i sat and had a better look at them I wasn't very satisfied with them. Mine will be done in a few days and sent express post to you!

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wonderful. I plan on putting 'temporary' additional squares in the blanket and as straggler squares arrive, we'll replace those where we used more than one square from one knitter... so that until it's joined, there's a chance that we can still add squares... (that's probably about a week window) - and I think you're safely within that time frame...