wool and pets

my friends cat had to go to the vet the other day because it was sick.
they found a 7cm piece of wool in her intestine.

because i went over a few weeks ago and was knitting and the cat sucked it up before my eyes. i tried i catch the last bit to pull it out but she swallowed is as quickly as possible as she knew i was going to take it away from her

so that piece of wool cost my friend $1400 in vet bills.
i feel so guilty.

so keep wool away from pets, especially cats!


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Some years ago I was tending my roses when my cat, Cassiopeia came up to me and lovingly vomited up an fully entire, half digested, mocking bird on my foot. I do not have a week stomach, but it was more than I could handle!

Was that a gift or a jest for a cat?!

I guess I will never know, but the roses went untended that day. I left the cat to them.


You let go of it, it let go of you.

Velcro Confucious

You let go of it, it let go of you.

Velcro Confucious

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I share the same sentiment. Pets ingest lots of stuff we never know about. Sonic's bird, your friend's cat, another's dog...think for a moment. In the wild, these animals would be wolfing it down daily. It's a new day...stop beating yourself up. Embrace the fact your friend cares for you and the pet, and you for them.

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And watch those needles. One of my ratties was climbing over my lap and without me even noticing, got a sharp point in the eye. I won't leave any needles without tip guards on them now, even if they're out of reach.

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I'm glad you mentioned this. We had to keep a lot of things away from our last cat, including string, yarn, tinsel at the holidays, threaded needles, etc., etc. Our surgery bill wasn't quite that much, but getting yarn through a cat's digestive system can be extremely difficult and dangerous for the kitty.

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Don't beat yourself up Callum; cats get into a lot of mischief, and it's not possible to control what they do every second.

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Thanks for the warning... my dog is quite jealous when I knit. He wants all my attention... he has in the past month come to realise that it's not so bad just to lay across my lap while I knit... so he has stopped running off with my balls of yarn... I leave needles all the time... so will be more careful from now on.

Maybe naughty cats would do better if the yarn has a higher fiber content... I know some yarns here have bamboo in them... so instead of harmful, they'd become helpful for the digestive system... ummm ... well... maybe not... wishful thinking...

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A couple of years ago we had tinsel on our Christmas tree and one of our cats ate some of it, fortunately he was able to pass it but the next day he was walking around with tinsel hanging out of his butt.



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Can't fault a cat for getting into the Christmas spirit!

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This is actually kind of a common occurrence, but just be very careful pulling it out...it can actually do a lot of damage (I've heard).

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My cats (just over a year old now) can find the smallest shred of wool anywhere, so I am constantly checking to be sure no fibres are lying about. They don't care about cotton or bamboo, but any animal fibre they just have to sink their teeth into. They've also discovered that the band connecting circular needles is great fun to chew on!

Like you mention, ffarff, the second that they are caught chomping on yarn, they immediately run and swallow it, since they know you are going to take away their treat. Once that happens, you can just hope for the best. You can't beat yourself up over it. If they were out prowling around in nature, they would chomp on even more harmful things.

My previous cats who lived to the great ages of 17 and 19 could not have cared less about wool, yarn, or string.

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My little darlin's like to eat plastic bags.

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If you're lucky it'll bunch up and pass through without trouble. Access to string/yarn/thread is something I most always ask owners about when their cat is vomiting, though.

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha

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my cats and my dog are always after my yarn. They chew on it and leave a soggy mess on the floor. I shall make sure it stays up out of their reach from now on.