Jason's Squares - Not too late, I hope!

Here are the two squares I managed to get done. Kyle should have them on Monday, so I hope they're not too late.



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Beautiful color combinations!



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These are really beautiful squares - and were on my desk safe and sound this morning when I walked into work - the good/bad news is that we got all the squares for the blanket joined this weekend - so the idea I had of being able to switch out squares for the first blanket will not be a reality. the GOOD news is that we will be making a number of additional (smaller) blanket/throws for auction/charity/fund raising for Cancer research - and these squares will become useful in that way.

For those who might read this who sent squares a little later than I needed, I'll be using your squares in this manner as well - and if you wrote a card or note, I'll be putting those into the package with Jason's blanket - so he'll get your notes :)

The outpouring and response has been amazing with this - I can't wait to show you and tell you all about the assembly... maybe a little later this week after it's in the mail ;)



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Nice work Ray! Love the colors

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Thanks, Bill and Randy! Kyle, I love your idea about making more blankets for charity. Plus I'm very impressed that you guys got Jason's blanket assembled so quickly - way to go!