Yarn store of merit

This is their web site:
If you ever have a reason to go to Taos, NM be sure to go to this store. There superwash sport weight merino is to die for and the colors are unbelievable. I spent way more then I should have but this stuff is irresistible. I've been to Taos many times and have seen this store but the weaving thing made me think that it was all weaving fibers but this time I just took a quick look inside and stayed for over an hour looking and chatting with the lovely women in the store. One of the women is friends with Cheryl Oberle author of Folk Shawls, Folk Vests, etc. For you fans of her books she is evidently comming out with a sock book, I can't wait. Any way I went back to the store three times in the week I was there - it's a fun happy place and I highly recommend their yarn.


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Just an hour?? You're pretty good!

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I, too, did not go there thinking it was all weaving. How sad I didn't stop by! It looks awesome! Can't wait for my next trip out to New Mexico!!

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As a weaver, I heartily recommend that when you see the word weaving supplies in the description or title, run, do not walk, to the store. Many weaving suppliers sell cones and yardage, often at prices way below what you would spend at smaller yarn stores. Machine knitters know this. If you are carefully budgeting, a weaving supply store often has a great selection of materials you will not find in other stores. A yarn store is a yarn store...knitters and weavers use the same stuff.

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