Hey all,

I've spent the last few days in hospital, and am not feeling to hot at the moment, I am once again undergoing chemo treatments, though not to kill the cancer, they basically give me drugs that make me feel good, so I now understand why people are into drugs. I have also started taking oxicontin, which is giving me nightmares beyond believe, but they do relieve some of the pain, so that's good.

As for knitting, I have once again decided to do some lacework (I never did deal well with not being able to do something) so I will keep you updated on that.

Also Jonathan asked me to say 'hi' to you all




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Hi back to both of you. Thanks for keping us updated. And good luck on the lace!

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Good to hear from you. Sorry you are having a bad time right now. And, "hi" back at ya both!


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Hi Jason!

I hope you feel better -- as better as you can be -- soon. I was a caregiver for eight years and certainly know the path that Jonathan is taking -- give him my warmest regards. I have seen all sorts of drugs and their uses and side effects. My guy was getting the dreams and visions from the Oxies, too. Some of them weren't so nice, just like your nightmares, but, some of them were funny and just rather strange and out of the ordinary and we'd both sit and laugh.

Good luck on your lacework, and I surely hope that you have a good string of well days to work on it.

Thinking of you both,


Hi to both of you. Hope you are still having some good days.

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As always in my prayers and please keep up the fight, Hope your days will be better soon ,Was on oxicotten for a while also and your right the dreams are very vivid it was almost like going to a horror show , Best of luck to you, we all love you and in my heart i have a funny feeling things will go smooth for you , Please Be Strong Bobby

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Good luck with the project, hope the meds don't give you too hard of a time. Hang in there, keeping you both in my thoughts!

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Hey there Jason! (and Jonathan!)

glad to hear from you - sounds like the drugs are giving you fits in your sleep - talk with your Doctors - maybe there's a different kind of medicine that will work better for you (no nightmares) -

I continue to be impressed with you - drugged up and still doing lace? you're my hero!!! :)

You know about the blanket we are making for you - I will have it packed and shipped out on Monday... and for those who are interested, I'll be making a post on my blog about it and will include photos - in case your curiosity has you and you can't stand it! (as a kid I used to unwrap my Christmas presents to see what they were, then carefully re-wrap them and pretend to be surprised on Christmas morning... so I KNOW I'd be peeking!)

keep us informed - we're all keeping good thoughts for you!




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Thanks for the update. Glad you are up to knitting. It always helps my frame of mind.

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sending lots of love and comfort to you and gratitude to jonathan

all i know of love, is love is all there is

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much love to you both!

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Hi back to you and Jonathan. Blessings and best wishes, too. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hi Jason (and Jonathan,)

Glad to hear from you again.
Not glad you're having a rough time of it.
Hope you feel much better soon so you can tackle that lace:)

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Good to hear from you - and I'm sure you'll have fun with your lace knitting!


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I was thinking of you yesterday as I read MWK and thinking that we had not hear from you in a few days. Glad that you are back with us. Here's to hoping that you start to get feeling a little more the old you soon. I did not respond when you posted your music links, but LOVED them and wanted to say thank you for them.

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Hey Jason, I hope you feel better and lace is the perfect Zen activity when you aren't feeling well. Good luck with it and show us pics.

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hi Jason, good to hear from you. and nice to see you're knitting again. Best of luck with the lace, I still plan to try it again one day :p *hugs*

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Thanks for writing, Jason! Lots of love to you and Jonathan!

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Glad to see you posting. I don't know that this will be of any use or comfort, but I inherited from my father nightly barrages of nightmares. One thing that I've found helpful is to keep a dream journal. I think when you see these bizarre nightmares all laid out in black and white, they lose a bit of their power. They don't bother me too much anymore, and I've actually grown a bit fond of them, as kooky as that sounds. But when you have them every night, your only other choice is to remain in a state of dread about them.

Like I said, I don't know that that advice will be useful for you in the least; we're all different, so what works for me my not work at all for you. In any case, I'm glad to hear you're knitting again.

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Holding our best thoughts and sending our best energies to both of you.

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz

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Friends asking about you ......

Hi Jason: I saw Heather (scale hat) last evening and she was asking if I had any news about you. Ièll see her again today and will bring her up to date. Sorry to hear that the nighmares have been so wild - I am taken by Joshua's wisdom about them - but glad to know that you you are finding some energy and the focus to knit. Thanks so much for thinking of us all and knowing that we would want to kept up to date on your health. The prayers continue. Huge hugs! - Phil

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Just want to add my thanks for the update. You are an inspiration to each of us. All my best karma to you both