Jason1978's blanket - complete - blog entry posted

Hey everyone! I wanted to be sure to give you the link to the blog post about Jason1978's blanket - it's done, thanks to everyone who contributed, packed, and ready to be mailed tomorrow to his home in Holland. Please, if you're interested in reading, go to the blog, read the entry, and feel free to comment if you want.

A special note to Jason -

Hey Jason - it's done :) - we can't wait to hear what you think of it - if you want to wait to see it, assuming customs doesn't hold it up, the delivery should happen sometime on Wednesday - if you are like me, though, and can't hold back the curiosity, feel free to check it out on my blog. If you do so, let me know and I'll link a photo of the blanket to this post as well :O)

It is an honor to have organized this blanket and to have been the contact for so many talented knitters. You all did such a fantastic job on the squares - I can't wait to hear what you think of the final product.

Here's the Link:


Kyle Kunnecke


RUN, do not walk. Get to Kyle's blog IMMEDIATELY. The slideshow at the end is AMAZING!!!! Thank you again and again Kyle for all the work you poured into this project.


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What he said

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At face value alone, it's a beautiful blanket. Knowing the love and support that went into it makes it perfection! It's so heartwarming to see this project come to fruition. Kyle, THANK YOU!!! for coming up with this great idea and seeing it through to such an exquisite outcome.

Love to you and Jason and everyone else on this site and in the whole wide world...

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That looks wonderful! I am sure that Jason will be so pleased with it when he receives it. Thank you, Kyle for organizing this and a big thank you to all the guys that made squares.

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A HUGE thanks to you for organizing this project and all that you have done to see it's completion. What you have done is so much more than put a blanket together for Jason, but you have brought together so many people from around the world and tapped into their love and compassion for another person . . another male knitter, amongst other attributes. Jason's blanket represents that collection of caring and loving people, expressed in the blanket. I know Jason will sense all that went into each square, and will help to lift up his spirits, feeling the love from so many that he has never met personally, but brought together on MWK. I'm sure Darryl never thought that impact that this site could have on so many, especially beyond the realm of knitting. I think your post, with the pics of the blanket, is the best that MWK has had since it's inception. And, another HUGE thanks goes out to all of those folks around the world who responded so quickly to your idea of creating this blanket.


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The quilt came out beautiful, I wish I had come back in time to contribute to it. Amazing work.

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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What a beautiful and wonderful comfort blanket it is. You all have done an amazing job putting it together. I truly hope we never need to do this again but if we would count on me.


What a fabulous blanket. Thank you so much Kyle for organising this and for putting in so much work to complete it. I'm sure Jason will love it.

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Kyle, Wow - the finished product is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all your time and effort organizing this project and combining the squares into the final product.


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Excellent job! This blanket is amazing.

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If a bunch of strangers could get together and do such a wonder thing for one person, image what a happier world we would live in if everyone cared as much about each other.
It is such an inspiration and joy knowing that there loving people in the world.

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Words cannot express what I am feeling right now! Kyle, thanks for posting this. It sure has made this Monday (bleck!) morning a whole lot better!

Thanks again!

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Thanks again Kyle for organizing this and for all the work you put in assembling it. It looks beautiful!

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Wow! Thanks so much Kyle for all of your hard work. It's really been a privilege to be a part of this, and the blanket is wonderful. My hope now is that it might impart to Jason some of the healing and love that is in the hearts of all of us.

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Thanks again for your effort. The result looks great. Thanks to all of you!

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Kyle....I know it is only two little words but "THANK YOU". The love in this project is abounding and you and the guys really put some thought into this layout. Again thank you and thank the chaps that helped assembly this bundle of love for Jason.

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Kyle, it looks amazing! The 3 of you did an incredible job of taking all those bits and pieces and assembling them into the brilliant, cohesive display of our love and caring for Jason. Thank you for spearheading this, you are awesome.

To my fellow MWKers, you all went above and beyond the call of duty for one of our own. The love is evident in every single stitch of every single square. I know many of us struggled with the words to express our care, concern and love for Jason. That blanket says more than any written word could express. Well done everyone.

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Fantastic looking blanket. We all did a great job!! Thanks for plugging Wyoming twice...I would be amazed to find that there's another knitter in MWK from my home state. You are a gem for setting this up and doing all the followup. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks Kyle for posting the blanket so we could all see it. It's a wonderful expression of love. It looks fantastic. All those who worked on assembling it did a great job. I know Jason will find pleasure in knowing so many people feel love for him.

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It's been said, but I gotta say it too...Thanks again, Kyle!

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What everyone else has said :-)

Kyle, to you and your friends, a HUGE thanks. When people begin to speak of the ills of the internet and the dubious nature of virtual communities, we have a radically different story to tell. The compassion, love and genuine care that has flowed through this one blanket is amazing. I know that it has also been healing for many of us and I cannot help but think healing for Jason as well. Thank you, Kyle, for being the the weaver of this beautiful project and allowing us all to be a part of something that something that we could never touch alone.

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I see mine!!! :-) Thanks, Kyle and all you guys for inspiring me!

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Oh WOW Kyle!!!

Thank you so much!!! It turned out so beautifully!!!

He's gonna love it.


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Kyle, you are such an UBER-MENSCH for making this happen. It looks amazing!!! xoxoxoxo

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That is one spectacular piece of work! Thanks so much for everything Kyle!