Wife Sold Some Hummingbird Feeders!!!

She took 'em to the farmer's market and came back with cash. I bought more string.

Birdfeeder holders are truly the avian dog-blankets. They are also incredibly portable, I like to use 5 inch #5s when I am in the woods fishing. I have yet to make two matching feeders. They are a great project for lacework and trying new techniques.

Lessons learned:

21 or 22 stitches are good cast on numbers for the cable cast-on.
Start the cast-on with a yarn-over instead of a slip-knot.
Increase at a rate of 1 stitch per row until you have almost double the initial cast-on number.
Use all the knitting book tricks you know for making the cast-off and setting up for the handle.
Mason's cord does not hold knots. Weave in by sewing into the string, then melt a stopper knot.
If you screw up, frog and start over.
You don't need to knit. string, wire, rubber-bands and duct-tape will all work just fine.
Hang soy sauce bottle feeders in shady stable locations. 1 part sugar, 4 parts water.

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Wow... do you have pics? I'm curious to see what these look like.


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YAY! Congrats.

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American