Raglan Sweater

OK so I have searched everywhere on how to make the clean seams on a raglan sweater/sleeves. The best Information I have so far is that you knit two together to decrease at the start of the row and PSSO to decrease at the end of the row. I was also told that the decreases should be done one stitch in from the end - not the first and last stitch.

I'm starting a raglan sweater and love the look of the raised seam along where the sleeves are sewn into the body.

Any advice? Should I follow the knit two together - PSSO one stich in?



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I suggest that you make a decrease sampler and pick the combination that you think looks best. There's something similar on the web at:
It's important to look at how you do these decreases, not just how someone else did them.

Techknitter (http://techknitter.blogspot.com/2007/05/series-index.html; look down to "increases and decreases") wrote a lot about various decreases, their pros and cons.

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Hi there,

Depends, are you doing this raglan in the round or are you doing it in pieces?

If you do it in pieces and sew it in, I would do 1 stitch in and then that 1 stitch will seam up with the other 1 stitch from the other part you're joining and the 2 raised decreses will join smoothly.

If you're doing it in the round. IT's doesn't matter. unless you like 2 rows of stockineette between decreases. Makes sense?

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I love the look of a nice thick decrease line on raglans. In order to make this work, the way I'm thinking you want it, make your decrease lean the same way as the decrease line, i.e. a left leaning decrease at the beg of a row \ (ssk or s1,k1,psso) and a right leaning dec at the end of a row / (K2Tog). The trick to get the seem to "stand out" is to do the decreases 1 or more sts before the end of the row. I like a look of 3 sts on each side of the edge so that when the pieces are sewn together you have a 4 st "band" of slanted knitting. This is technically referred to a "full fashioned" or "fully fashioned" decreases. Note, what I am describing is for knitting flat pieces from the bottom up to be seemed together. If you are working in the round the concept the same, holler and I'll help you out.

Decrease rows (rs): K2, SSK, work to 4 sts from end of row, K2Tog, K2
Do a quick swatch and see what you like.
cast on 20 sts knit 1" of stockinette and the start dec row (above), purl (ws rows) and repeat until you have a few sts left on the needles and see if this is the effect you are looking for. Want a smaller angled band work only 1 st from the edge, wider 3 or 4 or 5.

hope this helps!

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Thanks I think I get it now - its all in the slant. I'm ready to take the plunge and get it going!

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Jacqueline Fee's "The Sweater Workshop" has detailed examples of several raglan decreases with instructions and pics.