Holy Shetsoie

Help! I'm knitting the Shetsoie shawl, which is basically garter stitch for a good length before breaking into feather and fan. Simple enough. I was knitting on the bus, and as I walked home, and as I watched a lovely movie in French. Now I face the consequences...I just stopped to count, and behold, I had one stitch too many on one side. Upon inspection, I found a simple mistake that should have been avoided if I was *watching* as I worked. So my predicament is this...how to fix it. It is a good way back, but it is near the edge. Is it reasonable to think I can fix this without tinking all the way back, nor wanting to stick myself with my needles? In the picture, if you follow the curve of my finger, you will find the north star. Or should I say "black hole."

Oh, and by the way...I learned at knitting circle that the shawl is pronounced "shet-SWAH" instead of my silly "SHET-so-ee." Pardon my French.

And by the by the way, careful observation will reveal that the enlightening discussion on the ideal set of needles led me to the Harmony Options set. I got them with lace in mind, but when anything else comes...don't mind if I do! I just wish they offered the same needle with natural wood colors.

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That single yarnover ? grab a crochet hook, work it up to the current row and decrease it out.

Or drop that stitch and use a toothpick or tip of a dpn to spread the extr yarn into the columns on either side.

or just decrease on your current row to get the correct number of stitches and consider it a "feature" (Hey - Microsloth calls errors "features" all the time and even convinces people that they are desirable/ intentional!)

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MmmmmHmmmmario is a genius!

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Tsk, another one sucked into Mario's Mystery Cult.

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Come join Mario's Mystery Cult... we have pretty lace... and cookies! :-)

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YOu wseren't suppossed to tell them about the cookies!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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COOKIES? What cookies???

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Hate to say it, fun I'm a fan of tinking. It might be because I tend to never quit thinking about how there's a mistake. But Mmario has some suggestions I've never thought about or even considered. I wish I knew as much... :-) Good luck!


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Thanks! A couple people have informed me that there are things that come out in the wash...so I dropped the d--- stitch. (See attachment to blog) I'll pick it out a bit with a needle today.

I'll have to show how it turned out later...a kind-of mistake tutorial, perhaps?