Admiration...that's all I can say



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talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz

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I'd rather do them on seperate needles - less confusion.

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Maybe men shouldn't knit.

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I'm going to start knitting 100 baby sweaters at once. I don't see that it'll be a problem.


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I have been on MWK for over a year, and this is the first comment that made me feel really inadequate. I hang my head in shame and wander back to my one little market bag who is taking me 100 times longer than it should.
But seriously, 7 pairs of socks??? I can barely knit one pair at a time. I think my real problem right now is that I have a severe case of needle envy, his is CLEARLY bigger than mine :/
MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Okay, so now I feel really worthless. I haven't even attempted one at a time!

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That man seriously needs a sex life

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I agree Badger...if I had that kind of determination, skill and passion directed at me, I'd be in heaven. You are right on the money.

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I saw this on Ravelry in the Sock Knitters Forum and I pretty much thought what Badger did... the man needs to put down the socks and go out on a date.

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That's just insane!

My preference is still one at a time on DPN's.

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Wow indeed...but i'm pretty sure i'll never end up like that. I get tangled up enough as it is much less with seven or more different strings going places! My friends can't wait to see me attempt double-fisted Faire Isle...it's likely there will be broken fingers or improvised stigmata. X_x