Right my lovelies!

I was shopping today and ran into a yarn deal I could not and would not refuse, so hear me out!

I bought 10 hanks of 'patons studio mohair DK' for less then 5 euro's, it's a line that is now discontinued but Ive checked the net and 4,95 is still dirt cheap

I have also bought 10 hanks of 'patons softy' again for 4,95.

please please please, I know I'm asking a bit much, but any ideas what I could possibly do with it? as I've said before Ravelry is fun but there is just soooo much out there that I seem to not be able to find anything, it should be nice, but easy, classy but do-able for an average knitter.

Thanks babes!!


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Who do you want to knit for? If it is for you, you have more and enough of the Studio Mohair for a sweater for you. If the 2 yarns have colorways that will work together that opens more doors, however the Softy is a rather more feminine yarn so you may or may not feel comfortable wearing it. I know that the European design aesthetic is different from the American when it comes to what a man "should" and "should not" wear. Let us know exactly what type of thing you want to knit and lets see what fits the yarn from there. I'll help ya in any way I can just don't want to send you off on a tangent that you are not wanting.

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i think it depends on a couple of things:

1) who are you knitting for?
2) are all the mohair DK the same colorway? same for the softy?
3) do the two work well together? or should they be separate projects?

there's loads you can do with the mohair DK. and depending on the colorway and your tastes, you have a nice amount for a slouchy cardigan for yourself.

i can't remember the name of it at the moment, but there's a new men's pullover book out with some really nice patterns. the yarns are a little heavier than DK, but you might be able to adjust them OR just get inspiration. i'll shout when i remember the name!

FYI, i use the ravelry advanced search with loads of filters and am able to narrow the options down to something relatively manageable.

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oh dear Jonathan, quick. into have become a yarn junkie. I like you can plug in what you info you have and it will spit out any patterns it has to match your info, it also comes in many languages.

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sean at woolcott, my LYS, saved the day: Jane Ellison's Queensland Collection, book #9. that's the one that has some sexy, slender patterns that you might enjoy.

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Great recommendation. Ellison's designs are cookbook enough to modify forever, and simple enough for beginners not to recoil in fear. Working on her Tom design now in Rustic, a blend of wool and linen.

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well seeing as I couldn't knit a cardigan if my life was on the line it should be something far easier like a nice scarf or shawl I guess

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PUH-LEASE, it's just a little more directions!!! go for a pullover, then. you can do it!! and you'd look damned good in some of the patterns in the queensland #9 book.

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Hi Johathan, Here is a Ravelry link to some shawl patterns using your yarn.
Here is another link for some scarfs.

Looks like a beautiful yarn.

What is your Ravely name?


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I'm JonathanWoods on ravelry, nothing there yet though

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the Jane Ellison book #9 is amazing... I have it and LOVE it...

it's worth (if nothing else) to just have in your library!!!