Pinwheel Blanket Finished!

A friend showed me a baby blanket she made for her new daughter - I instantly fell in love with this pattern and after her convincing me how easy it was (it IS easy!) I decided to take a collection of yarns I had and make an adult sized blanket. I grouped the yarns in order of how I wanted to stripe them, bagged them (together if I intend to strand more than one at a time) and numbered the bags in this case, 1-36. I just followed the pattern, and changed the color of yarn every 2 or 4 rounds.

This piece started and ended with some amazing yarn from Manos del Uruguay - in one of my favorite colors. I am happy to have found a use for all these novelty yarns, single balls, etc. I’m using some beautiful handspun, vintage yarn, and even the yarn I had made through VIP Fibers of my cat Winky's fur! The final blanket is just over 4' across.

I'm really happy that this is finished - it lingered in my "works in progress" for a LONG time! - I started it a year ago last March!

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It looks so grand and so planned! Wow, Kyle, you eye and hand were dead on. Great job! Now make more.

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beautiful job. so warm

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This is so terrific and the colours just flow from round to round. Well done.

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Gorgeous earthtones! Reminds me of petrified wood.

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indeed. or those polished agate slices you see in souvenir shops

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That was my first thought exactly! I had a piece like that that I used as part of a candle arrangement. This is absolutely gorgeous.

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Kyle: You have an AMAZINGLY wonderful sense of color -- and your creativity just bubbles over! You're truly an inpiration. - John

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nice work kyle. and thanks BUNCHES for pointing out VIP Fibers. i've been saving the fur from my most beloved cat, elliot, for years now. i've intended to spin it into a yarn, but wouldn't mind at all sending it off for someone else to do!!

how much did you send out and what sort of yardage did you get back, if you don't mind me asking.

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it was expensive - I don't really know how much I got.... Winky is a longish haired kitty and I had her shaved 3 times (3 fleeces - haha) and it yielded a normal hank of yarn - maybe 150 yards or so?

one note - if someone is allergic to cats, then they'll be allergic to the yarn... it still sort of smells like her too... not horribly but it's there.

it was expensive too.... I think I paid like $50 or so for it and that was a number of years ago... it's more of a novelty than something I'd be likely to do again... but I use it every once in a while... a stripe or two makes me happy...



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oh my. i'm not sure i could shave elliot!! he'd hate hate hate me. and yet... NO, i can't. but i will continue to comb him until i can't anymore. and then see.

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I have to agree with all the other guys...the work is just beautiful and your color sense is flawless.

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You've done a fantastic job on that..... so what's the pattern in case we want to make one??

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You've done a fantastic job on that..... so what's the pattern in case we want to make one??

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it's found here:

it's a pinwheel blanket - super super easy - after the finiky beginnings, you just increase 10x around every row... I ended up on 3 LONG circs and knitting with the 4th to get this big... it could have been much larger... but was a lot of fun and I'm glad it's finished :)



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OMG...I had to take a double take at that blanket. It's gorgeous! And it looks incredibly soft.


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SImply stunning!

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Very nice, Kyle. I enjoy the pinwheel type afghans and have never heard of a center start, 10 increase, one. For a couple of my center out afghans, I've used several circs and knit with an empty [floppy dpns!] finding it pretty easy once you get the hang of it. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.