Another distraction..

..from finishing my Fair Isle sweater and lace projects. This is the Baktus Scarf (pattern free on Ravelry) knitted with one strand of Habu Tsumugi silk in grey and one starnd of Habu Ramie in charcoal. It's a nice easy garter stitch pattern, and can be worn in various ways. Needles were 4mm. Length is 146cm.

The photo didn't attach, probably too big.


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Habu has a showroom here in NYC...they put all the sale items on the floor in baskets and you never know what will be there. But whatever it is, it's always so outrageously different. I'm playing now with linen paper yarns for hats,

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Habu has some amazing yarns including the linen you mention and the results can be stunning. I've seen a top done in stainless steel and laceweight wool and you can crumple it into whatever shape you feel like wearing.

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Thanks for the info on the scarf, Kerry. it looks very interesting and I have some yarn that would be suitable. Sounds like a good project to take along on a plane trip.