My Mom Loves me...

Or atleast the things I make for her. I was telling her a couple weekends ago on the phone that I had some yarn that I hadn't bought at the shop here in Casper and couldn't in good taste or without guilt, take it down there and use her winder and swift to put in skeins for ease ofuse. The yarn is for another project for her (I know, isn't a lace scarf and a huge shawl enough for her?) and I was kind of whining about having to wind it by hand.

So this week in the mail, guess what I got? That's right... my very own winder and swift! I so stoked. I'm going to have to go buy more yarn just to be able to use it since I wound all that I have loose.

Naw, I'm not that excited, and I have more than enough for a while.

I got the piece for my cable bag felted today! So now all I have to do is finish the flap after I figure out where I want button holes, and get it all pieced together and a liner sewn. Which lets face it, it's not going to happen tonight. I still have 6 dogs in the house, one a young happy to be breathing puppy, but that's okay, two of them go to new foster families today, and we keep our choice of fosters. I'm thinking the puppy... The other three are ours.

Honestly, of the three fosters, there's two that are good. One is the Catahoula pup, who despite her energy levels, is a good dog who responds quick to correction and lears fast. The other is a very quiet mellow red heeler who you can almost forget is in the house. I was thinking we'd hold onto her at first, but she's started to get very herdy/prey driven with the cat. I can deal with that normally, but even 4 dogs is a lot to juggle. Thoughts anyone? I know, not associated to knitting, but it's whats been happening in my life the last few days.... oh the hell well.

Hope you're all having an awesome weekend guys.



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your mom _does_ love you. and she did a quick cost/benefit analysis and realized (smartly) that encouraging your knitting could only reap her more: more knitted things, more loving hugs from her son, more good karma.

are you gonna name your winder and swift? thelma & louise, perhaps? or ennis & jack?

not to sound stern, but do you _need_ a 4th dog? will that be too much? will you continue to foster others? i'm leery of either. as a lazy, lazy man and an avid cat lover, neither choice screams YES to me. but at least i've laid my cards on the table.


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Well, never thought of naming them... Naw, don't tihnk I'm going to.

And, do I 'need' a fourth dog? Technically, she's not my dog, just a foster until we can find her a good home. So the question is more of, she 'needs' me to have a fourth dog until then. All three of these dogs came from a kill shelter that was going to put them down this week.

I decided to go with the pup, because as much as this cat gets my goat sometimes, she deserves a pooch that won't purposely hurt her. And she actually plays with this one, and when the cat gets tired, she plays with our youngest dog, so hopefully it's a win-win situation...

Thanks for your cards... having this many dogs, forces me to be less lazy. Makes me put down those knitting needles and go for a nice long walk atlest two times, typically three times a day. Or a fast and hard bike ride on the neighborhood hills.