help with my sock heels

So I have done several socks already, and I'm not 100% happy with my heel results. They fit great, but I do have some small holes.
I use a short row technique of simply knitting one less stitch per row until the correct number of stitches are on the needle. Then I start adding them back in by knitting the last one on the needle together with the first non-knitted stitch, closing the gap. And then since I just did a k2tog, I add that stitch back in by picking up a stitch between the 2 needles. I think I have been doing this wrong. I have been picking up a bar with the left needle and then knitting it. I think this is pulling open a hole. My guess is I should be doing a normal pick up like I do (with my crochet hook) to make a stitch where there wasn't one.

But, my bigger holes are when I am done with the heel and begin to knit in the round again. Someone suggested that I pick up stitches here to and then just decrease it a few rows in. Will this work? How many would I pick up? Which pickup method should I use?


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If you are doing short rows, the best thing to do is to double wrap the stitches. Check this out:
It shows how to do a short row do the same thing for the heel.
If you get holes at the point where the heel connects (between the side where you leave half of the sock stitches and the side where you've worked your heel), you can cross the two stitches between to close that hole. See this site (and also anything else on techknitter's's fabulous.)


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I found this link to be very useful and have downloaded a printable chart. I make my heels by this chart all the time.

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Those patterns look easy enough to follow. But which one do you choose? Have you found that some come out better, cleaner or more comfortable than others?
Are there any pictures of how each style looks?

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Try this method for turning the heel, it doesn't use wrap and turn and produces a heel with no holes. I have used it and it works great.



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That link/video is the exact method I am doing and I am getting holes. I think I am messing up the part where I need to pick up the stitches as I am adding back in the remaining stitches not knit from the short rows. I'm not sure how to pick up the stitches the right way, and also not sure if I do the purl row any different from the knit row.

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I haven't used this type of heel (yet) but the tips presented ought to be a big help. For the loose stitch at the rejoining of the heel to the main part of the sock, I often knit up a stitch on each side - twisting it if needed - and then add it to the gusset decreases. Thomas's tip about crossing two stitches sounds great...I'll have to give it a try. --Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.