Lisa Auerbach exhibit in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Recently I visited this exhibit with my older son, who wondered if there was a connection with a famous coach. When viewing this exhibit, a forest of hanging matching sweater-skirt sets, he mentioned how it reminded him of ancient Greek vases or Ukrainian Easter eggs. Indeed, this reminds me of folk art: one practical form, decorated using meticulous technique, combining traditional designs to create new messages. It's worth a visit if you are in the area, not only to see the knitting, but also to see this brand new wing of the University of Michigan Museum of Art.


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Hooray for Lisa! she's amazing (and the genius I worked with to create my "cure" sweater this summer) - her work is really worth seeing - check it out if you're in the area - I think this exhibit (or part of it) is going across the pond to England...

thanks for sharing this!!!