back and some weirdness

The fire situation under control.

My last post went missing. No idea why or how. *shrugs*

The mittenathon is over. I got it outta my system for the time being.

Whew! All Noro too. I think I am sick of Noro as well for now. Wonder what the next victim will be?


Inspiration comes form the strangest places.

We are getting backstage passes for the KISS concert. The wife is very excited. She is going to knit a scarf with stars on it to wear to it, then give it to Paul Stanley.

Me, I'm going to wear the t shirt I got from the concert in 1975. Gene signed it. The old party animal in me is calling.


Glad to hear you are both OK - but where are the pics of the mittens?

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no camera yet. My old one went on the fritz.

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If your printer has a scan option, you can scan the mittens then post the scan file.

I am glad everything is ok. That constant stress must be tough!

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How will a tshirt you bought in 1975 still fit you? Have fun!

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Still fits. Im the same size and weight I was in 1975. Its in mint condition.

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same size and weight at 47 as at 13?

Holy s**t!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Not in height but weight.. yup i was a big kid.

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First and foremost: good to know about fire situation.

...and then the mitten kick -- well, now, I guess you're just gonna have to go on to sweaters or something...


...and about KISS: WICKED AWESOME!!! I so love them! I saw them back in '98 in Toledo (much longer story of how I got those tickets in a much longer post later on) and then, when I was working the radio station, met Paul and Gene and talked and...well, put it this's a good thing that we were on a mandatory 3 second delay.

When I was about 3 years old, I was afraid of their face paint in the pictures on the album cover and one of my stepmother's sisters had told me that if you put the record on the turntable and put the needle on and played the record, they were going to jump out of the album and get me. Since then I became more saddened during those MTV years when they didn't paint their faces.

...and you have a '75 shirt! I'm jealous!


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I too am glad that everything is ok in your neck of the woods. About your missing post, it was probably flagged as offensive or something and that's why you can't find it. Did you put something naughty in that post?


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Hope you have fun at the concert. Maybe you can have Gene sign the t-shirt again. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.