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Are the nickle plated circs sold on Knitpicks as good as Addi Turbos? They are about a third of the price that I pay at my LYS for the Addis but it won't be worth it if they aren't as sharp. Has anyone done a comparison?


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I think it is all preference on the part of the knitter. My favourite needles are those I buy from Meg at Schoolhouse Press. I believe they are called Inox. In a fit of stupidity I paid an outrageous price for a 4.5 mm Addi Turbo when I thought I needed it it right then. It broke at the join a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if I can take it back or not. I have friends who knit happily and productively with plastic needles they purchased 20 years ago.

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It is VERY rare that Addi's break and DO have a lifetime warranty. Take them back to any shop that sells Addi's and they should just trade you for a new pair. However, if you don't have the packaging it may be a little more difficult. Skacel, the US distributor, is the one who actually provided the warranty, and since there have been a flood of Addi's from a Hong Kong source on ebay etc Skacel has become more guarded about replacing needles that cannot be proved to be purchased from them. Addi is the German company that makes them, Turbo's are the name of the needles. As for Inox, yes the are less expensive but the joins are not nearly as perfect and the cables far less flexible, IMHO.

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I love the several Addi's I own. Wish I could afford the options package that lets you switch points. I also love the Inox dpns I favorite sports socks are knit with them exclusively. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Regarding the knitpicks options: I like them in general, but they are too sharp. After repeatedly (and painfully) breaking the skin on my fingers, I finally trimmed the sharp points back with a pair of bolt cutters and then rounded the tips with fine sandpaper- problem solved.

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The knitpicks options are slick and sharp...most definitely. The cord might not be quite as flexible as the addis.


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They are very pointed and sharp... I've thought about dulling some of'll simply have to try one, because we all have definite likes and dislikes...
I own two sets of Knitpicks changeable the Harmony and Zephyr needles!

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Knitting needles, as with all things, are a matter of preference. What I like is not necessarily what you would like. And there are times that I like different needles for a variety of reasons, usually depending on what I am doing at the time. Some need to be very smooth, some need a bit of bite, some I want very flexible, and so forth. That is why I must have all the different types of needles in my kit, so I would always have the exact right one when I need it. If it is already being used, I will need TWO sets of those needles. That's just the way I am.

I suggest you beg, borrow, steal a set from someone and use them for the kind of work you are planning on doing. Try them out. Do plain knit, some lace, cable work -- get a feel for them. Are they sharp enough for you, too sharp, flexible, slick, heavy enough, etc.? Only you can tell if they are what you want to use.

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Like everyone said, they are different. My opinion: I love being able to switch out needle tips in the options sets, both in size and type. They are really pointy, which I sometimes want. For a sweater or hat, I looove the feel of my Addis, though, esp after working with the sharp KPs. Both brands are good.

I believe KP gives a sharper point.

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Thanks guys for the info. In the end I stuck with the Addis - I just like them too much and after reading all of your comments and thinking it over I decided they were totally worth the price. When you spend that much time using a tool, a few bucks hardly makes a difference.

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Having just had the chance to visit Skacel as part of the West Coast Men's Knitting Retreat, I have to admit, I'm glad I have such a large stash of Addi Turbos. For me, they are the best overall tool. It could be that I'm just so used to the feel and heft and smoothness of them, but I do like them the best overall.